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Looking Back at a Casino Streaming Year 2023! - by Roshtein

03 Jan 2024

  • 🤠 Roshtein’s Personal Overview of 2024: Year of excitement, big wins, and community growth.
  • 🎰 Casino Streaming Anniversary: Celebrated 7 years of streaming in 2023; started streaming exclusively on Kick in 2023; 
  • 🤝 Collaboration with Drake: Streaming slots and having fun with Drake. 
  • 🎭 Cosplay Streams: Special streams for landing max wins on slots! 
  • 🎁 Giveaways and Raffles: Over $300,000 distributed; more than 1,000 winners; over 200 hours of entertainment.
  • 💸 Big Wins of 2023: Max wins on several online slots & huge wins!  
  • 🛍️ New Store & Kick Points Launch: Reopened store and activated Kick points for community loyalty rewards.
  • 🎄 Xmas Special: Featured Tesla Cybertrucks, cash prizes, crypto coins, and a Mystery Box event.

Hey TROOPS! It's your boy Roshtein! I was sitting in my backyard patio here in Turks and Caicos, reminiscing about all the things that happened this year, as one does, and - wow, what a wild ride 2023 has been! Now with 2023 officially over, I thought it would be nice to walk down the memory lane with you and remember all the crazy, amazing things we went through on stream in 2023. So, let's dive right into the action! 

Casino Streaming Anniversary - 7 Years of Spinning Slots

First off, can you believe it's been 7 years since I started this journey with you all? Actually, in just a couple of months it will be 8 years! I swear, sometimes it feels like it was yesterday I started live streaming slots and sometimes it feels like it has been an eternity. It’s kinda weird! But let’s go back to the subject - 7-year anniversary!   

roshtein celebratin 7 year anniversary

Our 7-Year Anniversary stream was off the charts! I went all out to make sure it was a blast - big giveaways, raffles, and some really special events. It was my way of saying thanks to you, my incredible community, for sticking with me through thick and thin. I took a trip down memory lane during the anniversary stream. It was nostalgic revisiting old slots from 2016 and seeing how far we've come - from the games to my own evolution as a streamer. We've built something truly special together, and I'm super grateful for every one of you​​. Your support means the world to me​​.

1st Year of Streaming on Kick 

Roshtein Kick channel was created in November 2022 but we moved channels and started solely streaming on Kick in 2023. Changing channels and moving to a completely new streaming platform was challenging at times but also exhilarating! 

roshtein celebrating 1 year of streaming on kick platform

I have to say, as a casino streamer, joining Kick has been one of the best career moves ever! It created some amazing opportunities for me in the last several months and added a whole new level of freshness and excitement to my streams. It also provided me with the opportunity to grow and develop more as a streamer and entertainer. 

Although it took us some time to settle and to get used to the new environment, we did it! Step by step, we carved the casino streaming space on Kick all the gamba-lovers can enjoy! I must admit, it was nice seeing the new channel growing month after month and today we are almost at the 200K mark. I can’t help but feel awestruck at the realization that I’m able to bring joy and laughter in the lives of so many of you.   

Playing Slots with Drake 

Teaming up with Drake was another BIG highlight of the year 2023. How can it not be?!!! Us both share this big passion for gambling so every time we meet it’s always fun and unforgettable! Drake's a cool dude and we've got this synergy that just works.    

roshtein and drake stream playing slots

Our holiday gambling extravaganza in the Caribbean from a few days ago was something else. From playing slots and enjoying live roulette to hosting a whopping $1 million giveaway, we brought the heat and had a blast doing it. I know you guys love seeing us collaborate so you can bet it will happen again in the future. 

Amazing Giveaways and Raffles 

You know that I love to give back to the community any chance I get. Even when you voted for activating the Sub button, I made a decision to ensure all the proceeds gathered this way are 100% returned to the community. Aside from this, there are daily raffles, tips, and special giveaways! 

After the Xmas Giveaway 2023, there are a few things I should mention: 

  • Over $300,000 in tips, raffles, giveaways 
  • More than 1,000 winners 
  • 200+ hours of pure entertainment      

These facts are a testament to how great our community really is and that we are constantly growing, becoming stronger and more connected. I really couldn’t be asking for anything more! After all, you TROOPS are my main driving force when it comes to streaming and I hope the overview of the next year 2024 gets even better! And don't forget to join our daily raffles on

Having Fun in Cosplay Streams 

Just like the year before, we also had some unforgettable cosplay streams in 2023! I love doing these as they allow me to show the creative side of myself and express it through some crazy animations and costumes. And it’s also a great way of celebrating a successful landing of a max win on some of the most popular slots on the iGaming stage today.   

roshtein dressed as roman emperor for cosplay stream

You were able to see me as a farmer riding a hog in Barn Festival Cosplay, a mean Roman emperor and a not-so-skilled soldier in Gladiator Legends Cosplay, but it was Sugar Rush Cosplay that stayed with me the longest. I really had fun doing that one and I know you had a blast watching it. Me in the pink suit with a top hat and cane welcoming viewers to the Candyland with 50 Cent’s Candy Shop playing in the background - that cosplay was hilarious!

Halloween 2023 Special Stream 

Then came our Halloween Special - and boy, did we raise the bar for spooks and thrills! If anyone ever wondered about my dancing skills now knows - when it comes to zombie dance moves, I am unbeatable! Oh, and let’s not forget my Trump impersonation! It was pretty good, you have to admit it! 

roshtein streaming in halloween special 2023

However, I was not the only thing delivering that night as slots kept popping off. Chaos Crew 2 and Zeus VS Hades brought the house down with a massive win, and the energy in the chat was just electric. It was a Halloween to remember, and I loved every second of it with you guys​​​​. 

Big Wins of 2023 

Well, we certainly didn’t lack these in 2023! Although I have to admit, 2022 was a bit more generous than 2023. Still, no reason to complain! You win some, you lose some - that’s how it goes in life! 

The Sugar Rush max win happened back in February and brought in $5 million! Hand of Anubis delivered a massive win in the base game, producing $6.5 million. In March 2023 we had another max win, this time on Phoenix Forge with a $2.5 million hit. Just a few days after Phoenix Forge, Retro Tapes slot exploded and was added to my Max Wins list. Jewel Rush slot helped us end May 2023 on a high note with a $1.5 million and new max win. 

roshtein celebrating big win on 2 wild 2 die slot

Among the few games that dominated my streams in 2023, Power of Merlin Megaways slot and Zeus VS hades - Gods of War are probably the most prominent. I really enjoy spinning reels on these and was lucky enough to land some juicy wins - $10 million on Zeus VS Hades and $9 million on Power of Merlin Megaways slot.      

Oh, and let's not forget that sweet $2.5 million win on 2 Wild 2 Die! Playing at $50,000 per spin, the adrenaline was pumping like crazy. This win was not just about the money; it was a testament to the thrill and excitement we chase every day in all of the slot games. Big risks, even bigger rewards, am I right?​​

Launching a New Store & Kick Points 

Probably 2 of the most significant events for the community in 2023 were reopening the Store and activating Kick points! These were some of the challenges we faced when moving streaming platforms and I’m happy to say we were able to reward the community for their loyalty via points and give them a chance to spend those points in the Store. 

I’m glad to be able to give back to the community! You guys deserve it all! Kick points and Store are the least I can do to show you how grateful I’m for sticking up with me for all these years, through all the ups and downs.         

Xmas Special - A Month Full of Amazing Prizes

The Xmas Special was a total blizzard of fun! I played multiple holiday games each day, ramping up the prizes for you guys. Tesla Cybertrucks, cash prizes, crypto coins - you name it, we had it. The Mystery Box event on Christmas Day was the icing on the cake. I always aim to make the holidays special for you, my TROOPS, and this year was no exception. 

roshtein dressed as santa for christmas special

In conclusion, 2023 was a year full of excitement, big wins, and unforgettable memories. We've laughed, we've celebrated, and we've conquered the slots together. Here's to many more years of fun, wins, and incredible moments. You guys are the best - let's keep this party rolling!

Happy New Year! Stay awesome, TROOPS!

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