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Roshtein Kick Points - An Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Earn Kick Points

  • 🖇️ Step-by-Step Connection: Learn how to connect you account to earn points
  • 💬 Active Participation Rewards: Discover how staying active in the chat not only enhances your viewing experience but also earns you points
  • 🎉 Extra Points with SATCHEL Events: Find out about the special SATCHEL events with an additional points bonanza.
  • ⚖️ Fair Play Guidelines: Understand the importance of adhering to the rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all.
  • 🎮 Enjoy and Earn: Embrace the full Roshtein streaming experience by engaging with the community, having fun, and collecting Kick Points as you watch.

Roshtein casino streaming sessions on include a special feature - POINTS! Aside from having fun and enjoying exquisite slot wins, members of Roshtein’s community can also earn points for their engagement during live streams! This feature elevates the overall experience and allows viewers to claim other perks like spending their points in the Roshtein Store!    

If you want to join in the fun and start earning points, you’re in the right place! Follow the steps described in the text below and you will start earning points in no time. 

How to Start Earning Kick Points - Step-by-Step Guide  

This Roshtein Kick Points guide will walk you through the simple process of connecting your account to Roshtein’s chat and outline how you can earn points. 

Step 1:Go to Kick Connect Section in Your Profile 

When you click on your profile photo on, in the dropdown menu one of the available options is Kick Connect. Click on it and it will take you to the next stage.  

kick connect homepage profile

Step 2: Generate Your Unique Token 

On the Kick Connect page, click on Generate for your unique token to show up. This token is unique to your account and will be used to connect your account to the chat. 

kick connect page

Step 3: Copy Your Token 

Once your token is generated, you need to copy it. Make sure you copy the entire token accurately.  

kick connect code

Step 4: Go to Roshtein’s Chat on Kick 

After copying your unique token, go to Roshtein’s chat on

kick connect copy code

Step 5: Enter Your Token 

In the chat, paste the copied token. It should look something like this: !connect-kick YOUR_UNIQUE_TOKEN (instead of Your_Unique_Token, the link will show a series of numbers and letters unique to your account). For example: !connect-kick hsk6kjxoa5vbh2jl5kkca8j0  

roshtein chat on kick channel

Step 6: Set & Ready to Earn Points 

After you enter your unique token in the chat, bear in mind that it will take around 10 minutes for your points to show. But once connecting is completed, you will be all set and ready to start earning points on the Roshtein streaming channel on   

Important! - Rules of Earning Kick Points  

Earning points on Roshtein’s Kick channel comes with a certain set of rules you need to follow! Not to worry, it’s nothing complicated but something you need to know. 

  • Stay Active in Chat: You need to be active in the chat to be eligible for points.   
  • Points Accumulation: Earn 1 point every 10 minutes.   
  • Special SATCHEL Events: 

                100x win (organic) = 5 points (normal satchel)

                300x win (organic) = 10 points (golden satchel)

                1,000x win (organic) = 15 points (golden satchel) 

                3x the buy amount on a Bonus Buy = 5 points (normal satchel)

                5x the buy amount on a Bonus Buy = 10 points (golden satchel)

(Important Note: Points accumulation from special SATCHEL events is subject to change!)

  • Fair Play: Remember, multi-accounting and any form of fraud will result in disqualification from tournaments, raffles and interactions with

Have Fun Collecting Kick Points!  

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your account to Roshtein’s chat and start earning points. Enjoy the stream, engage with the community, and make the most out of your Roshtein experience!

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