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Roshtein’s Historic $28.5 Million Win - Setting New Personal Record!

18 Jun 2024

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Another Roshtein’s stream that will go down in history! Why, you might be wondering? Well, because Rosh struck gold in Drac’s Stacks slot and smashed his previous slot win record on Wanted by Hacksaw of $18.7 million. The new biggest win record now stands at an insane $28.5 million! 

How Did Roshtein’s Win Happen on Stream? 

It seemed like just another standard slot marathon for Sir. One More, with some of his most beloved titles getting a whirl, but without major success until the very end of the near-13 hour session. Drac’s Stacks slot from Massive Studios patiently waited for its turn to light the slot world ablaze, and boy did it succeed in doing so. 

roshtein celebrates big win on drac stacks slot

As the bonuses started activating in the game, Roshtein clearly saw that something was about to happen. Coins flooded the screen, and the multipliers just kept on pinging and pinging. Not even the slot master himself was sure what was going on, but a big payout seemed imminent.

With his ever-loyal TROOPS on his side, without whose fierce dedication none of these magical things would be possible, Roshtein kept asking for gold and the slot gods answered. The multipliers got calculated, the symbols paid out, and what transpired will go down as one of the most epic slot moments of this casino streaming year, if not streaming history. When the dust settled and the counter stopped counting, Rosh was a whopping $28,500,000 million richer!

To put things in perspective, Roshtein’s previous largest slot win was in Hacksaw Gaming’s wildly popular slot Wanted: Dead or a Wild, where he managed to make away like a bandit with an astonishing $18,700,000 win. With this new record win, Rosh has set the bar even higher for himself, seeing as that’s an approximate increase of about $10 million, but he’ll always keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in casino games, and there’s no doubt an even bigger score is coming for Sr. One More!


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