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roshtein in black hoody and hat wins 10 million
roshtein in black hoody and hat wins 10 million

Roshtein’s Amazing $10 Million Win on Zeus VS Hades Gods of War Slot

Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War slot delivers like never before!!!

In the amazing turn of events, Roshtein was able to not only land a breathtaking $10 million win but also break his own personal record on Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War slot. It was one of the most exhilarating moments in the Roshtein’s recent casino streaming career and one of those on-stream events he and the TROOPS will not forget anytime soon! 

To say that Roshtein was down on luck before starting to open Bonus Hunt #967 would be an understatement! With over $5 million down the drain, he was pushing it and he knew it! You could tell it by his mood. With a serious look on his face, frowning while also trying to keep up with the people in chat, he was experiencing the extreme volatility of Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War slot. 

roshtein 10 free spins

Over 1,000 spins and no bonus! Roshtein was in disbelief! He was not even hoping to get his money back but solely wanted to get the bonus and leave the game, before heading to the Bonus Hunt opening. And then it happened! But Rosh was not expecting much! After all, the way slot was delivering for the entire stream, it would be foolish to put your guard down. 

And he was right - only $132,000 in 10 free spins! But then, just a few spins after finishing the bonus round, another one gets triggered. It brought just a bit more over $100,000 - not a lot but Roshtein’s mood got a bit uplifted. He was hoping now the RTP will do its thing! Rosh was even contemplating buying the last bonus, not believing the 3rd one will land anytime soon! However, miraculous things do happen in life from time to time and this was one of those instances - the 3rd bonus landed!!!   

Wild 100x Shows Up on The Reels 

Two spins in and it became clear the Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War bonus will pop! The middle reel became a Wild with a 100x multiplier value while the entire 4th reel became a Wild holding a 6x value! And all of a sudden, the slot delivered over $1 million in one single spin! The amazing wins kept piling up and with 3 spins to go, the last reel also became Wild with 2x multiplier value. 

roshtein 10 million win

With this set up on the reels, Roshtein knew that with just a bit of luck, this free spins bonus round could end up being iconic. And it did! After all 10 free spins played out, Rosh won $10,479,000!!! This not only covered the losses from the stream but brought a huge extra. 

After jumping, repeating “Oh my God!” over and over again, and laughing, Roshtein was left speechless. He needed several minutes to compose himself and talk to the chat! After such a bad run, he couldn’t believe that he ended up returning all the losses and getting a bit more on top of it all. He was visibly shaken by the whole event and the magnificent win of 10,470x!!!                       

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