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roshtein dressed as a gladiator for his cosplay stream
roshtein dressed as a gladiator for his cosplay stream

Roshtein Special Cosplay Stream for Gladiator Legends Slot

Roshtein spinning reels like a true gladiator is his latest cosplay stream!

Inspired by his triumphant max win on the Gladiator Legends slot game and just a week after his highly successful Barn Festival cosplay stream, Roshtein decided to revive the vision of Ancient Rome in his latest streaming spectacle. He welcomed the TROOPS into the Roshtein Arena aka Colosseum and he was ready to fight the mighty reels, defeat them, and bring home another victory! 

Stream Entrance Worth of The Roman Emperor 

Roshtein has proved once again that he is one of the best and most dedicated entertainers on any of the streaming platforms available! The Gladiator Legends cosplay stream started with Rosh showing off his acting chops! 

roshtein as caesar at colosseum

He took on multiple roles, from Roman emperor to brave gladiator. It was truly a special experience with flute-playing reindeer and guitar-playing Easter bunny also showing in the colosseum for some inexplicable reason. Unfortunately, although the crowd in the chat did enjoy the odd visitors, the emperor was not entertained and they got the thumbs down! 

Poppinbuckets was responsible for another memorable soundtrack! After country vibes in the Barn Festival cosplay stream, it was time for rap! Spittin’ the truth in his bars and having fun, Poppinbuckets masterfully set the musical tone for this special occasion.    

Bonus Opening Gladiator Style 

Just like with the previous cosplay stream, Roshtein decided to do the bonus opening while in full costume. In a full gladiator gear, he had 72 bonuses lined up with bets starting at $300 going up to $500. Power of Merlin Megaways slot was spinning in the background, continuing Roshtein’s quest for the game’s astonishing 40,000x max win. 

While opening bonus rounds on some of the most popular slots on the iGaming market, Roshtein was also talking, having fun, and answering questions coming from the people in the chat. And the TROOPS were as energetic and supportive as always! They were emanating the good vibes throughout the entire duration of the stream, making the whole cosplay experience even more fun to watch. 

Chasing Full Screen VS on Gladiator Legends Slot 

After opening over 50 bonuses, Roshtein decided to spend some more time on the Gladiator Legends slot. This is the game that paid out max win last August, a breathtaking $15 million, so Roshtein had a feeling it will pay and push the balance up today as well. However, although there were a few noticeable wins and the balance was close to breaking over the $2.2 million making it a profit, it wasn’t long before the money started disappearing. 

roshtein playing gladiator legends slot

Once the balance went down to close to $500,000, Roshtein decided to stop and go back to the bonus opening. Pretty much all the profit from the previous bonuses was now gone and Rosh felt his energy deplete. But there is chat to bring a smile back to his face! Roshtein put Gloria Estefan’s hit from the ‘90s on play and we can all agree that nothing can make your body move and make you feel alive again like a good latin tune with fun rhythm. 

Rosh finished the rest of the bonuses from his hunt list and managed to land a few impressive wins. Undead Fortune brought 252x while another Hacksaw Gaming’s release, Chaos Crew, peaked at 266x.   

Buying Bonuses on Zeus VS Hades Gods of War 

To end the cosplay stream, Roshtein decided to go for Zeus VS Hades Gods of War and buy bonuses on this Pragmatic Play game. Unfortunately, the downward trend continued with this game as well and Rosh was soon left without balance. Although one win of over $300,000 showed an inkling of hope the situation would turn in Rosh’s favor but nothing came afterwards. 

roshtein winning on gladiator legends slot

Roshtein decided to stop the cosplay stream, feeling sorry there were no great wins that would mark this special occasion but that’s gambling for you. Some days are better than the rest but it’s very important to know when to stop! He was very grateful to all the community members watching and showing their support for him like always.  

Next Sunday, Roshtein will have another cosplay stream - this time around it will be for the Sugar Rush slot. So get ready for the fun and unique casino streaming experience! 

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