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Roshtein Store - All You Need to Know

Navigate the Roshtein Store without any problems and redeem valuable prizes.

Designed to reward the loyal Roshtein viewers, the Store is a place that allows you to use collected points to redeem some amazing items! From premium high-tech gadgets to branded merchandise and crypto currencies, you can find all sorts of goodies on this special page. 

Collecting Roshtein Points 

The main currency in the Store are points collected during Roshtein Twitch streams. And every minute of watching counts! There is many ways to collect points while watching the stream, here is a few of them:



Follow the channel 

100 Points

​Watching the channel

1 Points per 10 minutes of watching

Open up your satchel 

10 Points If Roshtein wins over 100x+

Open up your Golden satchel 

20-1000 Points if Roshtein wins over 300x+*

​Need or Greed

0-500 Points

​Rate a slot on

5 Points

​Bet on Bonus hunt results on stream

0-50.000 Points**

​Write !join in chat for Karma raffles

0-500 Points

* Not eligible on bonus buys** Points are based on how many people you are splitting the wins with

The minimum restock value every month is an amazing $100,000, the minimum of $1.2 million each year! Also, every month a new theme is activated in the Store, bringing a whole fresh batch of new swell items for you to redeem. You can check your personal stats on this page as well - the number of points collected, overall watch time, and ranking. There is a Points Leaderboard showing the top-ranked community members so you can see just how many points are you away from becoming one of the top 10 viewers.    

Redeeming Items from The Store

The whole process of redeeming items is very simple. Just find the item you're interested in and click the green button that will take you to Stream Elements. Each item card holds info about the availability of the product as well as the number of points needed to redeem it. If the product is in stock and you have enough points on your account to purchase it, simply click on the Redeem Item button. 

There is a wide variety of items you can spend your points on. You can exchange them for Bitcoin and Ether, use them to redeem cool tech gadgets and Roshtein branded merch as well as transfer points to DeuceAce and VonDice accounts. 

If there is something you want from DeuceAce or VonDice’s Store but don’t have enough points, you can simply transfer points collected on Roshtein’s channel to those of these popular streamers. The procedure requires you to go to the Roshtein’s Store and activate this option. The possible transfers are 5,000 or 10,000 points. 

Have Fun Picking The Store Items

Roshtein Store is one of the ways for Roshtein to give back to the dedicated community members who have been with him through thick and thin. Enjoy scrolling through the wide variety of the first rate items and have you pick! 

For any questions related to the Store and points, check out Store FAQ.

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