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roshtein in a straw hat as a farmer

Roshtein's Barn Festival Cosplay Stream

10 Jul 2023

Record-breaking wins & memorable moments in the Roshtein's latest cosplay stream!

The world of casino streaming witnessed another cosplay spectacle by Roshtein! After Plinko, Karen Maneater, Wanted Dead or a Wild, and The Bowery Boys slots, Roshtein’s latest cosplay stream was centered around the Barn Festival slot and streamed on  A charismatic powerhouse, Roshtein transformed into a character inspired by the popular Pragmatic Play game and brought the country vibes to the screen. An innovative blend of cosplay and high-stakes gambling, the stream unfolded as an enthralling narrative that kept viewers on the edge of their seats, eager for the next spin.

Milking The Slots

The cosplay part of the stream started with a legendary Poppinbuckets’ new song, created especially for this Barn Festival-inspired streaming extravaganza! Rewriting the lyrics of the famous Dolly Parton song Jolene, Poppinbuckets once again produced a fun and catchy tune that both Roshtein and the community get to enjoy! It was a perfect intro for what is about to come next!  

roshtein riding a hog

Dressed like a proper farmer from the American Midwest in a flannel checkered shirt, overalls, cowboy boots, and a straw hat, Roshtein rode into the stream on a big hog. The cosplay stream was set in a barn and once he put down his pitchfork, Roshtein announced he was ready to “milk the slots”! 

Barn Festival cosplay stream is the first of 3 cosplay streams that will be organized in the next 3 weeks. Once a week, on Sunday to be more exact, Rosh will do a cosplay on one of the slots he landed a max win on. After the Barn Festival, next in line is Gladiator Legends by Hacksaw Gaming. It will be fun to see how Rosh shows up for the next one! He was already joking around with the people in the chat about needing to get buffed by the end of next week!  

Harvesting Bonuses Like a Boss    

Rosh kicked off his special Barn Festival cosplay stream with Bonus Opening! The most popular section of each Roshtein’s daily stream, Bonus Openings are always fun to watch due to that sweet taste of knowing that the very next spin can bring in a massive win! Maybe even the new max win! 

This time around, Roshtein had 78 bonuses hunted and lined up for the opening. Although there were not too many breathtaking wins, Rosh did manage to hit more than a few over 100x while the win from free spins on Gronk’s Gems slot by Hacksaw Gaming scored the highest by reaching 428x multiplier.     

roshtein dressed like a farmer

While opening the hunted slot bonuses Roshtein was talking to the people in the chat! They were covering a different variety of themes, from best cars and commenting on videos about cows to slots-centric conversation about the games, stream, and life in general. He really went all in on his Barn Festival character and immersed himself in the life of a modest farmer, answering people's questions about the farm, the animals, the crops, and all. 

Of course, just like always, the community members were able to join the Guess The Total Win competition organized on the Roshtein’s website for each bonus opening. The winner of the GTW competition gets to keep the 50% of the profit of the Bonus Buy so the cash prize can significantly vary but that’s what makes the whole experience even more exciting.  

Winning Big on Power of Merlin Megaways Slot

Ever since Pragmatic Play released Power of Merlin Megaways slot, Roshtein has been playing it a lot!. And when Rosh gets entranced by a game this much, you know it’s good! Power of Merlin Megaways has been demonstrating how good it actually is over the last few days, over and over again! And not only in the bonus game, the slot has shown its true potential in the base game as well!   

roshtein winning on power of merlin megaways slot on stream

After winning over $600,000 in 30 free spins activated organically on this fresh Pragmatic gem, Roshstein himself said: 

My life has changed because of this game! I have not played Hacksaw as much because of this game. So, I have not only saved money by not playing Hacksaw but I have also gained money through this game. It’s a win-win situation!

Before he kicked off the cosplay part of the stream, Rosh has been playing Power of Merlin Megaways for hours from his legendary chair and the game has been popping off in a major way continuously! Playing on a $500 bet, Rosh was buying bonuses and landed two major wins - $3,073,375 and then just a few minutes later an even bigger hit of $5,204,600. Roshtein managed to move the personal best line for this game twice in the span on one single stream! 

Wrapping Things Up for The Day 

After Bonus opening was done and buying bonuses on Power of Merlin Megaways for more than an hour, Roshtein decided to call it quits for the day!  

Ladies and gentleman, I’ll see you all tomorrow! I had a phenomenal time, amazing time. Round of applause for everyone! Thank you for watching tonight! I love you all! I’ll see you in 12 hours!” 

It was another exhilarating and action-packed streaming session on Roshtein’s Kick channel! Like always when it comes to his cosplay streams, Roshtein didn't disappoint. With some record-breaking wins and extra-fun moments there is no doubt, Rosh and the community would remember this day for a long time!


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