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Roshtein's Sugar Rush Cosplay

Roshtein’s Hillarious Sugar Rush Cosplay Stream on Kick

22 Aug 2023

The sweetest online casino stream ever!

Fans of the online casino scene already know to always expect something new and fresh from Roshtein. Each stream is full of surprises, hilarious moments, incredible wins and positive energy. His followers are used to seeing him in all different costumes for holiday events and recently Roshtein promised a cosplay stream for each max win in a slot. 

Inspired by a max win on the Sugar Rush slot game following his highly successful Gladiator Legends cosplay stream, Roshtein decided to add some sugar to his streaming spectacle. Oh, and what a sweet stream this was! 

Roshtein As Sugar Rush Willy Wonka 

However, for this special stream, Roshtein did things a bit differently. He started streaming in his everyday clothes, chatting with the community and buying bonuses in his favorite slots. Usual streaming session, but a countdown to Sugar Rush cosplay in the bottom left corner was creating quite a suspension. 

Four hours into the stream, Rosh took a brief break. When the break was over, the scene changed completely! Double Rainbow slot was replaced with a gorgeous pink mansion made of candies while the song Candy Shop by 50 Cent was blasting in the back. 

Roshtein dressed in Sugar Rush cosplay costume

Soon after, Roshtein made an appearance in the most hilarious outfit so far, according to his viewers, welcoming everyone to his Candyland. With a cane, top hat and a pink suit, he reminded chat to Willy Wonka, so he went with it. Then he played and danced to a legendary Poppinbuckets’ new song, created especially for this Sugar Rush-inspired streaming extravaganza! Once again Poppinbucket made a perfect yet hilarious song and Rosh’s dance routine followed every beat. 

Costume Change For The Bonus Opening

As the song was coming to an end, he made a spin and kept spinning faster and faster for a good minute, making people think it is a glitch in the stream. But it was all part of the show as Rosh spun himself into the new rocket costume!

While many wanted him to change back into the Willy Wonka costume, it was so comical watching Rosh in the puffy rocket costume. Since the chat was a bit puzzled by the costume, he explained why he chose it:

“For those wondering why I’m in this costume today. It is because I woke up as a rocket today. I feel like a rocket”. 

So, he continued to be a rocket and started opening bonuses. Roshtein has so far always opened bonuses in the cosplay stream in costume, so this one was no different. Maybe the rocket was a perfect choice as some big wins were launched right after the outfit change. 

Roshtein in rocket costume

Both Sons of Monarchy by Popiplay and Pragmatic Play’s Mysterious Egypt produced significant wins of over $40,000. Popiplay’s slots were on fire this time as the bonus round of Gamba Mamba slot ended with a total win of $90,220. Bomb Bonanza slot was one of the most lucrative, awarding $105,720, but the star of the bonus opening was Fruit Duel slot by Hacksaw with a total win amounting to $119,100. 

While these are amazing wins, the highlight of this stream is the Starlight Princess slot that produced a massive hit of 763x the bet! To make things even more extraordinary, Roshtein got this win of $763,299 before the cosplay and bonus opening part, at the beginning of the stream, from the base game. 

After some nice wins in a row, Rosh went on a break and changed once again into a pink Willi Wonka costume. He made it for over 2 hours in the rocket suit! Truly admirable effort. 

Roshtein continued to open bonuses, but it seemed his luck had run out, so the stream was coming to an end. He thanked and said goodbye to his troops for the night:

“As I kick off this beautiful session tonight, I want to say thanks so much. Thank you so much for watching. Thanks for appreciating these cosplay streams. It’s always a bit hard to do a cosplay but you are so wonderful and make it so easy. Thank you for everything, you are great! Good night and peace out”. 

After Plinko, Karen Maneater, Wanted Dead or a Wild, The Bowery Boys slots, Barn Festival and Gladiator Legends cosplay stream, we got the chance to see Roshtein in the sweet Sugar Rush edition. Whatever he thinks of next it is sure it will be super fun as the leading casino streamer never disappoints with his innovative ideas.


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