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roshtein dressed as a zombie for halloween 2023
roshtein dressed as a zombie for halloween 2023

Roshtein Celebrates Halloween 2023 Casino Streaming Slots on Kick

  • 🎃 Roshtein's Spooky Halloween Stream with Thriller Theme
  • 🌟 Hilarious Trump Impersonation & Zombie Transformation
  • 🎶 New Poppinbuckets Song Inspired by Thriller
  • 🕺 Roshtein's Moonwalk Attempt & Dance Moves
  • 💰 Huge Wins: $843K on Chaos Crew 2 & $1.2M on Zeus VS Hades
  • 🏝️ Rosh Announces Vacation After Thrilling Stream

Halloween, the spookiest holiday of the year, finally arrived! As every year, Roshtein decided to treat his viewers with another memorable holiday stream on Kick! Inspired by the legendary video and song by Michael Jackson Thriller , this year’s Halloween on Roshtein stream was all about creepy graveyards, zombies, one very unexpected guest and of course amazing slot spinning sessions.  

roshtein with popcorn on the dark streat for ahlloween

Roshtein Meets Donald Trump 

As an homage to one of the best music videos ever created, Roshtein’s Halloween streaming celebration started by him entering a cinema. Sitting in the first row with a bucket of tasty popcorn ready to watch a slot stream, he encountered Donald Trump.

Not many people would think that Roshtein would be great imitating an ex US president but in all honesty he killed it! Especially when it comes to the way Trump talks! It was truly a hilarious moment and the chat loved it!  

roshtein and donald trump in cinema for halloween

Trump started complaining about it all being fake, deciding to leave the cinema, and Roshtein trying to talk to him started following him outside. However, in the darkness of the night and under the light of the full moon, Roshtein’s transformation began. 

New Poppinbuckets Song

Poppinbuckets once again was responsible for the musical element of this special holiday stream! And this might be his best song so far! Following the beat of the Thriller, this master of slot streaming soundtracks delivered another stunning song inspired by Roshtein’s casino streaming antics.      

roshtein as a dancing zombie on the street

Fully transformed into a zombie, Roshtein started dancing to the beat, trying his best to do the iconic moonwalk dance move. He failed but he definitely gets points for trying! Roshtein showing off his dancing chops got the chat to the realizations that Rosh has the moves. Yeah, Roshtein is far from bad when it comes to dancing! He might not be Michael Jackson but he can hold his own on the dance floor. 

Halloween Bonus Hunt Opening 

After his magnificent dancing extravaganza, it was time for Roshtein to start with the opening of the Bonus Hunt #1,002! Rosh prepared 77 slot bonuses, many of which paid pretty well but it was Chaos Crew 2 slot by Hacksaw Gaming that was the winner of the Halloween night with the win of 1,687x or $843,250 on a $500 bet

roshtein winning big on chaos crew 2 during halloween stream

Money Mension slot by Popiplay delivered a win that ranked as Roshtein personal best! In the bonus round in this game Rosh landed $277,975 or 556x the bet! Hacksaw’s RIP City also ranked well with 534x while Vending Machine delivered 525x the bet.  

While Roshtein was opening bonuses, the chat was able to enjoy Save or Crave being played on the side of the stream! This sort of extra engaging segments of Roshtein’s streams is what makes him so popular among the casino streaming viewers! While all this was happening, there were also Raffles taking place in the background, rewarding community members with some hefty cash prizes!

Buying Bonuses on Zeus VS Hades Gods of War Slot

Once the bonus hunt ended and the winners of the Guess The Total Win were proclaimed, Roshtein decided for a Bonus Buy on Zeus VS Hades Gods of War slot. Not one symbol expanding to cover the reels got Roshtein annoyed: 

That doesn’t count! I’m paying to see at least one symbol expand so this doesn’t count!

So he went for another bonus buy on the Pragmatic Play’s slot! Although Expanding Wild came bearing 25x this time around, it was not enough. So, Rosh went for another and it was another bust! But the next one hit and Roshtein got $308,000 on the popular video slot! 

But that was not his biggest win in the Halloween Bonus Buy segment! With the increased balance, Rosh was able to enjoy a few more bonus buys on this game and when he and the chat least expected it, the reels exploded and delivered  - $1.2 million win! 

roshtein wins 1.2 million on zeus vs hades during halloween stream

After that win and a few not so impressive bonus buy results, Roshtein decided to call it quits for the night! He also told his viewers that he will be off for a week, having a short vacation in Dubai, but he should be back streaming early next week. 

All in all, it was an exciting Halloween stream with lots of ups and downs balance-wise, but overall a highly enjoyable and entertaining experience. Just like pretty much always when it comes to Roshtein’s casino streams!    

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