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Drake & Roshtein Stream Slots on

05 Jun 2023

Big bets, great wins, & chill vibes on Drake & Roshtein's 3rd collaborative stream!

Roshtein and Drake joined forces once again and gave the casino community on Kick a spectacular streaming session with lots of unforgettable gambling moments! It was a proper slots extravaganza on Stake VS Drake channel! Drake is known for his love of roulette but decided to do something a bit different this time around and try his luck on the most popular reels on the iGaming market. To top all that, a $1 million Giveaway was also included in this live streaming session.    

Roshtein-Style Stream - Drake’s First Slot Stream Ever!!! 

Right from the get-go it was obvious that this is going to be one of the best streams ever! The chill vibes were emanating from both Roshtein and Drake from the moment they appeared on screen till the very end of the stream. The friendly banter, shots, and lots of laughs - is there any better way to spin slot reels?!     

Drake and Roshtein had 2 live streams together before this one - first one in Canada last year when they played live roulette and the second one on Turks and Caicos - but this one stands out for the ultimate chill vibes. The announcement about this legendary meet up sent the fans into a frenzy on social media platforms and when the day finally came, 100,000 people joined in and watched Roshtein and Drake live stream on  

roshtein and drake

For their third stream, Drake wanted to pay a sort of homage to Roshtein so he opted to make this a slots-focused stream. They lined up the best of the best among slots, starting with Wanted Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming. The lineup was a mixture of Hacksaw and Pragmatic Play games, including well-known titles such as Hand of Anubis, Gates of Heaven, and Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War.  

While talking slots, both Drake and Roshtein revealed the games they have a love-hate relationship with. For Rosh, it’s Dork Unit while Drake has a thing with Joker Bombs. Drake mentioned that he saw Rosh getting frustrated while spinning these reels and Rosh was like “Yeah, that’s why I want to see you play it! Take my losses from that game!” And that’s exactly what Drake did! In 10 free spins bought for $150,000, Drake was lucky enough to land the multipliers on the middle 3 reels and end up a bonus round with $505,125. A clear profit not only from the game but on the entire gaming session as well.   

Similarly to Rosh, Drake’s relationship with Joker Bombs is equally special. “I have a personal issue with it! It took a lot from me the other day! Not gonna lie! I don’t know who made this slot and I don't wish bad on anybody but… If I see you out in public and you tell me you’re the creator of Joker Bombs, it’s on! I’m just saying! This one is an eater! But it owes me!” - Drake said while explaining his Joker Bombs choice to Roshtein.  

Lil Yachty Joins Roshtein and Drake’s Stream 

Drake invited Lil Yachty to join him and Rosh while they were on the call with one of the giveaway winners from Poland. Chat went crazy for the popular rapper joining the stream and Drake said he believes that his friend can take over Kick and that he should be doing something live on the streaming platform. Lil Yachty’s choice for a slot to stream was RIP City but the Maxx Bonus Free Spins didn’t payout very well. 

roshtein drake and lil yachty

Yachty engaged in a conversation with people in the chat: “How are you guys doing at home? You guys doin’ good? You had a good day today?” While reading the comments of people in the chat, Drake decided they should do some slot with a boat to honor their latest guest on stream. This led to another Hacksaw Gaming release - Cursed Seas - but it didn't deliver in terms of results unfortunately. 

However, during the stream Yachty revealed that he is more of a blackjack man and not really into slots. Guess, they will have to take on a blackjack table some other time when they get together again. And who wouldn’t want to see that!!!     

Drake Plays Live Roulette   

roshtein and drake playing roulette

An hour into streaming slots, Drake had to go for a little fix of live roulette. He is a roulette ranger after all! Being a true high roller, Drake was betting really big amounts such as $487,500, $370,000, and $437,500 per one single roulette ball spin. There were a few hits over $1 million on the live roulette and even though they went over the starting $10,000,000 balance at a certain point, it didn’t take long before the things went south and they were at $8 million.   

$1Million Giveaway 

To make the entire thing more exciting, Drake also organized a $1 million giveaway. All throughout the live stream, he was picking the random winners and including them via video calls in the stream. The smiles, the happiness and the excitement from the people was contagious. After all, it is not everyday you win $20,000 plus get to meet and talk to Drake, Roshtein, and Yachty. 

The Big Win on Wanted for The End

For the rest of the 2 hour stream, Drake, Roshtein and Yachty were moving from slot to slot but usually coming back to buying bonuses on Wanted. Drake had that full screen feeling when they started streaming and he was adamant in pushing through all the dead bonuses till it came true. Unfortunately, the VS symbols didn’t end up covering the entire grid but they managed to end up with the big $678,600 on the last free spins bonus buy

roshtein and drake playing wanted

That seemed like a proper way of ending this special stream! Roshtein and Drake made a deal that Drake will be his guest on his stream. After all, people in the chat made their wishes clear - they want to see a bonus hunt with both of them in a live stream. 

Another Successful and Fun Stream 

It’s all about fun and games when Roshtein and Drake collaborate on a stream. And even though there were no legendary wins this time around, it was obvious that everyone, from the guys streaming to the viewers, had a great time! Lil Yachty was an amazing addition to the gang with his thoughtful questions, interest in the people in the chat, and his explanations why he loves playing blackjack more than anything else in a casino. Hopefully, they’ll all get together again soon for another spectacular gambling show on Kick. 


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