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roshtein dressed in black talking to viewers
roshtein dressed in black talking to viewers

Roshtein Celebrates First Anniversary on Kick

  • 🎉 Celebrating One Year on Kick: Roshtein celebrates the 1st anniversary of streaming on Kick 
  • New Features on Roshtein's Channel: Kick Points activated, Subscription button now available 
  • 🎁 Generosity in Action: Roshtein gifted subscriptions across the Kick platform
  • 🎰 Anniversary Special Highlights: The Bonus Hunt #1,014 featured 89 bonuses each with a $500 bet

It’s been exactly a year since Roshtein started streaming slots on Kick! The Kick streaming platform has been a great hub for Roshtein and other casino streamers, giving them freedom to create amazing streaming moments and celebrate big wins! Looking back, it was a truly successful year with the community gathered around Roshtein’s Kick channel growing bigger and becoming tighter! 

roshtein 1 year anniversary

Thousands of community members, the TROOPS, joined Roshtein for this celebratory stream. After all, it was their celebration as well! It’s a celebration of being part of the community, going together through thick and thin and coming on top! 

New Thrilling Features on Roshtein’s Kick Channel 

Roshtein decided to celebrate the 1-Year anniversary in the best way possible - by giving the community members what they want! Always humble and truly grateful of the community’s support throughout the years, Roshtein wanted to show his appreciation for them and give them what they want! 

Kick Points are Now Active! 

Roshtein prepared not 1 but 2 special surprises for the TROOPS for the anniversary streaming special! After all, this is an important milestone in Roshtein’s streaming career and it should be celebrated in the best way possible.   

roshtein smiling while streaming slots

Ever since Roshtein’s transition to the Kick streaming platform, the question community members have been asking most frequently is - when will the points get activated on Kick?! Well, that day has finally come! Now, all viewers with the registered accounts on Kick and on can connect those accounts and start earning points every time they watch Roshtein streams.  

How to Connect to Kick and Earn Points - Guide 

This option allows viewers to collect points and to later spend them in the Roshtein Store on some of the many exciting items. The points feature adds so much to the overall viewing experience of Roshtein’s streams! The true meaning behind “Open up your satchels!” is finally back and the community members are ready to start stacking those coins again on their accounts.  

Subscription Button Added - For The First Time Ever! 

The second surprise Roshtein prepared for his anniversary special was the addition of the Subscription button to his Kick channel for the first time EVER! Roshtein was always very vocal about how he doesn’t want to add it to his channel as he doesn’t want to take money from the community but this request kept coming up over and over again. So, Roshtein put it to a vote and TROOPS voted - Yes!  

All You Need to Know About Subscription Button

roshteinlooking at the subs

So, wanting to please the community members, Roshtein added a Subscription button but added a little twist to it as well! What’s the twist? All 100% of the money gathered from the subscriptions will be returned to the community via special monthly giveaways! This way the community gets what they want, a Sub button, and Roshtein doesn't feel uncomfortable receiving money from the followers. It’s a win-win combo!   

Chatting with The Community 

Majority of the 1-Year Anniversary stream Roshtein spent talking to the community members in the chat. Kick Points and a Subscription button were of course the main subjects of interest for both Rosh and the TROOPS as they were getting used to freshly added features. But the excitement and happiness was palpable! Rosh was happy he was able to provide TROOPS with what they want and was pleased to witness them all excited about the new opportunities the Kick Points open up for them.  

With the Subscription button now being available on his channel, Roshtein decided to take advantage of the Gift a Sub option and spread a little bit of happiness around the Kick platform. He went around different Kick categories, finding interesting streamers, and gifting each of 100 subs. 

roshtein gifting subs to streamers

Rosh liked BnBriTv channel on Kick hosted by 2 streamers so much he gifted them 200 subs. They were so happy and grateful about getting the first 100 subs, Rosh couldn’t resist gifting 100 more. The whole thing got even more interesting when the mother of one of the streamers showed up on the stream to express her gratitude. The interaction was really cute and the smile on Roshtein’s face revealed just how much he enjoyed making them so happy!       

1-Year Anniversary Bonus Hunt Opening 

Bonus Hunt Opening is a staple of every Roshtein’s stream and it was no different when it came to the 1-Year Anniversary Special! The Bonus Hunt #1,014 had 89 bonuses, each of them hunted on a $500 bet. Roshtein was able to surpass the targeted end balance and land a few big wins. 

The Bowery Boys slot really delivered with a 546x win but was not the biggest hit of the night! Wild Bison Charge slot bonus round produced an amazing 890x win, making it the highest paying slot of the Anniversary Special, while Power of Merlin Megaways slot came in second with 792x bet multiplier.

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