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roshtein in turks and caicos hat smiling

Drake Visits Roshtein’s Stream on Turks & Caicos

  • 🌴 Return to Turks & Caicos: Roshtein revisited the Turks & Caicos Islands for another streaming special
  • 📱 Behind-the-Scenes Tour: During his stream, Roshtein showcased his studio and gave a tour of the mansion he's staying in
  • 🎤 Drake's Surprise Appearance: In an unexpected turn, rapper Drake, who had hinted at a visit in the chat earlier, made a surprise appearance during Roshtein's live stream.
  • 🎰 Gaming with Drake: Roshtein and Drake, having met and collaborated on streams before, played slots and live roulette during the stream, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for their viewers.

Roshtein went back to Turks & Caicos Islands for another streaming special! You probably remember that after a fall in Canada in 2022, Roshtein and the gang went to suny Caribbean islands of Turks & Caicos! The New Year celebration Roshtein organized last year for the community has been one of the most memorable streams Rosh ever hosted

roshtein streams from turks and caicos

Well, apparently Roshtein, Siggy and Richard loved it so much last year, they decided to make another visit to the island! But they were not the only gamba fans on the island - Drake, the best and most popular rapper today, was also there and he surprised Roshtein by visiting him live on stream!  

Look Behind The Scenes! 

Before gambling, Roshtein was talking to the chat about coming back to the island and he showed them the mobile studio he uses so he could travel and stream. But even more than that, Roshtein took his phone and showed the viewers around the house he is staying at while in Turks and Caicos.    

roshtein shows his studio in turks and caicos

The mansion is beautiful and huge with an amazing view! People watching the stream were also able to meet the staff and check out what the chief was preparing for Roshtein and the guys. It was a short tour since Rosh was not able to see the chat on his phone and he was not able to see what people were asking him while he was walking around the house. 

roshtein's backyard with a view on turks and caicos

So, he went back to the make-shift studio located in one of the bedrooms in the house. And there were more interesting things to share with the viewers - the legendary Poppinbuckets, the man responsible for all the catchy tunes on Roshtein’s streams, is engaged! Congrats, Poppin!!! Wish you and the future Mrs. Poppinbuckets many years of happiness and love!!!   

Drake’s Surprise Visit on Roshtein’s Stream 

In the surprising turn of events, Drake crashed Roshtein’s stream! Although the most popular rapper of today showed up in Roshtein’s chat in the beginning of the stream and said he will drop by, Rosh didn’t really believe it would happen. After all, Drake is such a busy man, with a lot of things going on, so the fact that he would drop by on a surprise visit meant a lot to Roshtein.  

roshtein and drake on roshtein's stream

Drake simply showed up while Roshtein was doing his Xmas Tournament 2023 to the delight of both Rosh and the community members watching the live stream. After saying hello and asking how the chat was doing, Drake and Roshtein went to join the rest of the crew and have a drink together.   

Roshtein and Drake have met a few times before and have partnered on several streams where they played slots and live roulette! Each of those times they had fun gambling, joking around, and talking to the people watching them.

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