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Roshtein Lands Max Win on Sugar Rush - $5 Million!

The max win on Sugar Rush reached!!!

In an amazing bonus opening of Sugar Rush slot Roshtein lands a MAX WIN - a stunning $5 million! With 5,000x multiplier reached on Sugar Rush, Roshtain added another ultimate slot win to his long list of max wins.   

During the opening of the Bonus Hunt No 841, Roshtein had 56 bonuses collected and the target was $3.9 million in the end balance. And thanks to the highly exciting and rewarding opening of the Sugar Rush bonus round, Rosh was able to meet and go way over the designated end balance target! 

roshtein celebrating a win on sugar rush

Sugar Rush bonus was listed at the 34th place in the bonus hunt on a $1,000 bet size. Before this record-breaking win, the bonus opening was going relatively good with several slots delivering over 100x the bet. Among the good hits were Popiplay’s Dogmasons win 190x ($57,075) while a well-known Pragmatic Play slot The Hand of Midas bursted with a 269x win ($134,460). 

The max win was reached in a matter of a few free spins back to back. Just like it usually goes with modern slots, multipliers had the main role in getting a premium prize. In this Pragmatic Play game, multipliers in the bonus round are sticky and give players a chance to create powerful clusters that pay insane amounts. And that’s exactly what happened!  

Watch Roshtein Get Max Win on Sugar Rush: 

With 13 free spins left, Roshtein had won over $650,000 but it was what happened in the next few spins that made Sugar Rush pop like never before. 11 free spins before the end of the bonus round, the 576x multiplier hit on a cluster worth $6,000 bringing Rosh $3,456,000 win! Free spins kept rolling out and the multipliers kicked in once again revealing the $254,300 win. With this hit, Sugar Rush slot reached its maximum winning potential of 5,000x the bet, awarding Rosh with $5,000,000!    

When the first major win landed, Rosh knew there was a good chance to finally get the max win of Sugar Rush. Roshtein’s casino streaming friend Andrew aka VonDice was on the call with him when all this started happening. And just moments later another win hit and the max win was finally reached! Roshtein was jumping and laughing and VonDice joined him celebrating on the other end of the line. 

Before this max $5 million win, Roshtein’s personal best on Sugar Rush slot was $1,719,050 while the highest win multiplier was 2,048x. So, this is a significant jump from any previous win Rosh experienced playing this game. Sugar Rush was released a little over a year ago and has been part of the Roshtein’s bonus hunts ever since. 

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