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roshtein in black jacket and black hat
roshtein in black jacket and black hat

Roshtein Celebrates 7 Years of Casino Streaming

Going down the memory lane and sharing future plans with the TROOPS!

Roshtein organizes a special celebratory stream to commemorate 7 years of casino streaming! February 20, 2023 marks the 7th anniversary of Roshtein live slots spinning on streaming platforms so it was important to share this big moment with the community in the best way possible! After all, as Rosh said it himself - This is OUR anniversary!

roshtein anniversary stream

It is well-known just how much Roshtein appreciates the community gathered around his channel. He has been dedicated to providing them with the best casino streaming experience and superb entertainment right from the get-go. The past 7 years, 1 million followers on Twitch, over 50,000 followers on Kick, and gazillion unforgettable streaming moments are a true testament to that! 

Roshtein’s Kicks Off Celebration with a Warm Up Session 

Before the anniversary celebration officially kicks off, Roshtein decided to spend a few hours spinning slots and talking with the people in the chat. Before he did the first spin, he made sure to say thank you to all the people who joined him for this special stream. Rosh also told them to get their drinks and snacks ready and to prepare for lots of fun and laughs. 

roshtein warm up anniversary session

This part of the stream was scheduled to last around 4 hours. During this time period, Roshtein was talking with the viewers while simultaneously spinning reels on slots such as RIP City and Barn Festival. They covered different topics such as Kick and streaming on a relatively new platform, slots, and so much more. 

Adam Joins Roshtein for Celebration 

The first guest to show up on Roshtein’s stream was Adam who was previously streaming on DeuceAce Twitch channel together with his friend Jay! Although he has been absent from the streaming scene for a couple of months due to illness, he wanted to join his friend Rosh for this special day.  

adam joins roshtein for his anniversary stream

Adam turned out to be quite a lucky charm as the Barn Festival bonus round started paying out pretty nicely the moment he entered the stream. He and Roshtein discussed what Adam was doing in the past months, about his solo streaming career and what having his own channel on Kick means, what’s the difference between boxing and simply working out in the gym and many other things. After having a great time chatting with the viewers Adam left but it wasn’t long before Andrew aka VonDice joined Rosh via call. 

VonDice Calls In 

Andrew aka VonDice was not able to join Rosh in his studio as he is in the middle of preparation for his 2-year anniversary which was happening the next day so he has a lot of things to cover. However, VonDice decided he will not only call in but also watch Roshtein’s celebration while he is doing his stream. He and Rosh were teasing viewers with what they can expect when the celebration officially starts but Roshtein didn’t want to share too much.  

Roshtein Starts The Anniversary Celebration  

After the countdown ends, a very special little dog appears on the screen to say hello to the viewers and explain a couple of things. Sia, Roshtein’s dog and companion throughout these streaming years, sits on her black cushiony chair and in perfect Japanese tells the viewers her take on the amazing past 7 years as a head of food services. And then runs off to see who is at the door. 

sia introducing roshtein stream

After that great intro to the celebration, Roshtein appears in his signature black hat thanking everybody who has been supporting him, community and the channel for so many years. 

Going Down Memory Lane 

In the beginning of this anniversary special, Roshtein wanted to go down the memory lane and share with the TROOPS how much things changed in the last 7 years. First, he and the viewers checked how his logo changed from 2016 up to the last change this year. 

Rosh also shared how his following grew on Twitch over the years and on Kick in the last few months. Although his Kick following is significantly smaller compared to the 1 million followers on Twitch, it’s also very obvious when you look at the chart that the speed in which the Kick community is growing is much, much faster than it was happening during the initial Twitch years.  

Roshtein from 2023 Talks to Roshtein from 2016 

The next section of the throwback included Roshtein facetiming his younger self. In the incredible staging and with great comedic timing, Roshtein took his iPhone and called Roshtein from 2016.  

roshtein from 2016 to roshtein from 2023

The young Rosh who was just starting his casino streaming career in 2016 was a bit annoyed by how grownup he actually sounds but was also accepting of the advice the older version of himself was ready to give him. It was truly a unique and very entertaining chat and another proof just how good of an entertainer Rosh actually is, always thinking about the community and finding new ways to make them laugh.  

Rosh & The TROOPS Going Back to 2016

After a great song made by one and only Poppinbuckets, it was time for Roshtein to remember his roots. He took the TROOPS back to 2016, first by watching some old clips when he was just starting, streaming from his room back in Sweden, and then by putting his old blue sweater on, activating the old UI and doing the bonus opening like it was 2016. 

Roshtein returned to some old slots and did the replay of the old bonus opening on a $5 bet size. His studio became his old room and he admitted that doing these scenes has made him very nostalgic. Rosh had fun with the viewers comparing how quality of the slots has changed, how much Roshtein has changed in terms of his look, voice and on stream behavior, how much the technology improved, and much much more. 

Bonus Hunting Through The Years 

The Bonus Hunt for the anniversary stream was comprised by some of the Roshtein’s favorite slots throughout his casino streaming years. Roshtein chose around 10 slots for each year of his casino streaming career. He even managed to achieve his personal best on one of his top slots from 2016

roshtein playing old slots from 2016

Playing these old slots inspired the conversation with the viewers about the quality of the games. Rosh said that games in the pretty much first 3 years of casino streaming were pretty bad and the Nolimit City and its Deadwood slot is when the slots scene began to change for the better. 

Before bonuses for each year, there was a little throwback video with old clips of the most memorable moments of the specific year. Roshtein did the legendary Scruffy Duck dance to kick off the bonus opening for 2017. This is also the year when the original Satchel aka Bag was introduced to the Roshtein’s streaming sessions.   

roshtein doing a scruffy duck dance

In 2018, Roshtein stopped streaming for about 3 months due to big losses but then he came back with a new logo, bigger wins, and even more entertaining streams. 2019 is the time when the recognizable Roshtein style started forming - dark clothes, black hat, and big bets. He started playing with $50 per spin which is a huge upgrade and it is also the time when some of the most iconic online slots hit the online gambling market. 

2020 brought a lot of big and unforgettable wins as well a major jump in following on Twitch. That was the year when that number of followers tripled. For the first ever, TROOPS were able to see Roshtein’s vlog from his trip to Oman in 2020. This vlog provided viewers with stunning images of this beautiful country and they were able to see Rosh snorkel, do rock climbing, swim with his sneakers on in one of the most pristine waters ever, do some shopping, and drive through the desert, among other things. Oman is a truly magical country. 

roshtein feeding a camel in oman desert

In 2021 the first hits worth millions of dollars started landing and Rosh started getting max wins on slots! It was also the year when Wanted Dead or a Wild was released and the world of iGaming was introduced to one of the best slots ever created. 

Wanted Dead or a Wild slot is also the game on which Rosh landed his biggest win to date - $18.7 million - in 2022! This year was also important for the fact that the 1 million followers mark was reached on Twitch. Due to everything happening with Twitch policy and changes regarding playing slots on that streaming platform, Roshtein felt that releasing the special video he did with his casino streaming friends DeuceAce, Adam, VonDice, and Frank Dimes to commemorate this extraordinary occasion was not appropriate at the time. 

However, viewers watching the 7 year anniversary stream were able to see these guys talk about much more than just casino streaming. The video was divided into 3 episodes and the next two episodes are being aired during Roshtein’s next 2 streams but will be later available on Rosh’s website. 

roshtein, vondice, and frank dimes on 1 million followers special

In 2022, Roshtein traveled much more and shared his experience with the TROOPS via social media and a few live streaming specials. Among the most memorable moments of the last year are 2 gambling streams with Drake, once in Canada and the other time when Drake visited him during his stay in Turks and Caicos. There was also a New Year’s Eve special and Q&A video that’s available on the website.  

The New Chapter Starts - 2023 

After finishing the bonus opening, it was time for one last surprise of the 7 year anniversary stream. Roshtein showed viewers the backstage of his new studio and announced that this is the place where all future lives will be streamed from. 

roshtein streams from studio backstage

Rosh also announced that he will be talking to the TROOPS from this amazing space, do some calls and facetime with the viewers. He plans to expand his content, and allow TROOPS to get to know him better, on a more personal level. When he gambles, he gets lost in the gambling, and he wants to deepen the connection he has with the community. And talking honestly, answering TROOPS’ questions, and giving his honest opinions is the best and most sincere way to do so.    

For the end of this celebratory stream, Roshtein became a bit emotional thanking the community for being with him throughout the year and for this special night. He got more personal for the ending of the live stream, encouraging viewers to stay true to themselves.  

roshtein wins 2.8 million at the end of the anniversary streams

Roshtein left the room, intending to finish the stream in the perfect way possible but then that Wanted Dead or a Wild game was on the screen in the green room so Rosh came back for one last bonus. The bonus paid nicely but Rosh had a feeling so he bought another one and it paid BIG TIME - $2.8 million on a Dual bonus thanks to amazing VS symbols set up.

And that’s how you end the special anniversary stream ladies and gentlemen!!!

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