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roshtein and drake streaming session
roshtein and drake streaming session

Roshtein & Drake Stream Playing Live Roulette on Twitch

Roshtein and Drake stream together from an arcade in Canada!

The fans of casino streaming were able to enjoy a special event happening on Twitch yesterday - Roshtein joined Drake on his StakeXDrake stream and the two had some amazing time playing live roulette. Not to mention they were doing some astonishing giveaways at the same time!

Roshtein & Drake - Dream Team Duo 

Last night’s stream with Drake is the pinnacle of Roshtein’s Canada trip, no doubt about it! The whole thing was taking place in an arcade with red neons from a basketball game lighting up the background. Needless to say, the chat went crazy when they saw Drake and Rosh doing a stream together. 

roshtein and drake

The stream lasted 2 hours and was the latest episode of Drake VS Stake series on Twitch. Drake started with almost $12 million in his balance and was betting approximately $1 million with each spin of the roulette ball, a couple of hundred grands give or take.

They also tried their luck with some slots. The Duel bonus round on Wanted Dead or a Wild slot didn’t hit big and the Hand of Anubis slot paid out enough to cover the cost of the bonus buy but Dork Unit delivered with a $1 million win! That free spins round was nice to watch playout! 

Live Roulette Big Wins 

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games! As Drake said it himself last night - “You’re always going to have a memorable night playing roulette” but Rosh was quick to add that it is remembered for amazing wins or hard loses. That’s the thing with roulette, especially if you bet with huge bets like Roshtein and Drake, it can catapult you to amazing heights or sink all of your ships very fast. 

Thankfully, the gods of luck were on the side of Rosh and Drake. There were some amazing wins taking place at the arcade last night and the guys had more than a few reasons to have big smiles on their faces. 

roshtein and drake playing roulette

The most memorable win was certainly $12,240,000 hit when the ball finally landed on the 11. Just before the win happened, Roshtein was telling Drake: “11 is due! It’s already in your pocket!” And then a few moments later - boom! The ball lands on 11 black and Drake's balance goes to a stunning $19,514,385! They were jumping and laughing, both repeating “Finally! Finally! Well overdue!

However, this was not the only good win during the stream. 11 hits again, bringing in $6,660,000 and pushing the balance over $20 million. The ball landing on 0 brought $2,160,000 while the same amount was also received thanks to the ball ending up at the wheel slot by the number 18.   

Giveaway Bonanza

This stream was also a massive giveaway party for the Stake casino members and Drake’s fans. Drake was giving $20,000 to each of the winners! So it comes as no surprise that people from all over the world! These massive awards were given last night to lucky individuals in Canada, India, Brazil, Dubai, and many other places around the globe. 

roshtein and drake giveaway

To make the whole thing even more special, Drake live called some of them during the stream, making sure to congratulate them in person and wish them the best of luck! That’s the night all of them are going to remember for the rest of their lives that’s for sure!      

Behind The Scene 

Roshtein shared with the community on his twitter account some behind the scene photos. This glimpse into the inside of the arcade revealed how the setup looked like, the types of the games available in that place, and the working atmosphere around it.  

Check Out Photos from Behind The Scene: 

After 2 hours of streaming, Roshtein and Drake decided to call it over! For the time being at least! They had a great time together playing, drinking, and just simply enjoying time with the viewers. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them streaming together again very soon! 

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