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1 Million Followers Reached

Important milestone in Roshtein's casino streaming career!

July 2022 is shaping up to be a big month for Roshtein - not only did he land his biggest win ever ($18.7 million) but he also reached an amazing 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS on Twitch. 

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This amazing milestone was the result of love, dedication, and respect Roshtein has for the game as well as for the viewers. After all, he himself mentioned on more than one occasion that community is what helped him persevere in certain situations and come on top. And that’s why he tries to give back to the loyal viewers in any way he can and anytime he can. So, it comes as no surprise that said community is continually growing.

“I don’t see anything I do here as me. This is the community. This is what I do with you. I would never be here if it wasn’t for you!

Roshtein kicked off January 2022 with exactly 829,831 followers and it took him precisely 184 days since New Year's Eve to hit this milestone. After so many years and thousands and thousands of hours streamed, 1 million followers definitely a big thing so, to mark this occasion, Rosh recorded a special with his bruvs - the famous DeuceAce duo Jay and Adam, always entertaining Andrew VonDice, and fun-loving Frank Dimes - that should be aired any day now.       

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The followers were able to witness Roshtein’s casino streaming progress throughout the years, going from a regular to high roller. All the ups and downs made the community closer and stronger so, in turn, Roshtein’s channel became one of the most dominating ones on Twitch, especially in the Slots category. 

Rosh has been “doing this for many, many years'' and many more are certain to come! The great respect he shows to the viewers that have been following his casino streaming career is unmatched! So, there is no doubt that the community will expand even further in the years to come. 

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