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All Roshtein’s Max Wins on Slots

14 May 2024

  • 🎰 Roshtein's Impressive Casino Streaming Career: Over the years, Roshtein has achieved max wins on 19 different slots. 
  • 🌟 Record-Breaking Wins: Roshtein's achievements are a 5,000x multiplier win on Pragmatic Play’s Fruit Party slot and a staggering 20,000x multiplier on Barn Festival slot, resulting in a $10 million payout. His biggest win to date is $18,750,000 on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot by Hacksaw Gaming.
  • 🎭 Celebratory Cosplay Streams: To mark these rare max wins, Roshtein hosts special cosplay streams, dressing up as characters from the winning slots. 
  • 📣 Future Cosplay Events: Roshtein plans to continue the tradition of cosplay streams. These events are announced a week in advance, creating anticipation among his viewers.

Getting a max win on video slots does not happen very often which is why hitting the highest possible multiplier is a grand event in the life of every slot aficionado. In his long casino streaming career Roshtein has landed more than a few max wins and each time it was an adrenaline-inducing event leaving him speechless and simply jumping from joy. 

Roshtein has been casino streaming for years now and he has landed 34 max wins on 28 games in total so far (twice on Wanted Dead or a Wild, The Bowery Boys, Chilli Heat Megaways, and Gladiator Legends and 3 times on Fruit Party). Knowing that Rosh streams playing slots almost every day of the year for more than 8 hours per stream, this number tells you just how rare max wins actually are and why landing them is always a special moment. Whether your bet size is $1 or $1,000, one thing is certain - you will never forget hitting a max win.  

Here are 25 slots Roshtein landed a max win on so far: 

roshtein's max win list of games

Looking at Roshtein’s max wins list, you can't help but be amazed at how magnificent these hits are! Most of these wins have crossed the $1 million mark. Pragmatic Play’s Fruit Party slot was the first game to pop and show itself in its full power back in January 2021! On the 100 euro bet, Fruit Party reels delivered 500,000 euros win thanks to the 5,000x multiplier.    

The biggest multiplier ever reached is 20,000x on the Sugar Rush 1000 slot by Pragmatic Play. The win happened in April 18, 2024, on a $600 bet and it paid out a stunning $15,000,000. 

The iconic Wanted Dead or a Wild slot by Hacksaw Gaming has been the one to produce the biggest win! Roshtein played it on a $1,500 bet and managed to activate the 12,500x multiplier so Wanted delivered the explosive $18,750,000. Besides being the highest paying max win Rosh ever landed, this $18,750,000 hit is also Roshtein’s biggest win ever

Roshtein Max Win Spin on Wanted Dead or a Wild: 


— muttuuuu (@muttuuuus) July 1, 2022

However, this was not the only time Wanted Dead or a Wild slot showed what it’s able to do! Before this massive $18 million win, Roshtein also got max win on Wanted in May 2022 on a $200 bet and ended up cashing out $2,500,000.  

The 16th max win on Roshtein’s stream landed on Sugar Rush. This is another reel-spinning gem from Pragmatic Play’s incredible gaming portfolio and one of the most played casino releases in 2022. Sugar Rush free spins round was included in the Roshtein Bonus Hunt 841. During the Bonus Hunt 841 opening, Roshtein hit max win on Sugar Rush by reaching 5,000x multiplier which increased his balance by an amazing $5,000,000.

Celebratory Max Win Cosplay 

Max wins are very rare so when they happen it is a big thing! Given their rarity and hence the importance, they should be celebrated in a very special and unique way! Roshtein decided to have a special cosplay stream for each max win it lands. 

Roshtein promised to the TROOPS that he will do the special stream dressed as the main character from the slot where the max win landed. The Plinko cosplay is among the most legendary ones where Rosh was dressed as the giant red ball from a beloved casino game. Due to the max win on the Karen Maneater slot (Nolimit City), Roshtein transformed into Karen and he did an amazing job channeling an entitled and demanding woman everyone loves to hate online. He went all in and even had a purple wig on, really trying to do this character justice. 

Roshtein's Special Cowboy Cosplay Stream: 

Cowboy stream ✅ this shit was funny as hell 👏 what game should I max win next? Meaning cosplay 😹

— Roshtein (@ROSHTEINS) May 24, 2022

After this one, Roshtein had 2 more special cosplay streams where he dressed up as a cowboy and as one of the Bowery Boys. The Wild West-themed stream where Roshtein was wearing the cowboy costume was taking place thanks to the first max win on Wanted Dead or a Wild slot. After Wanted, Rosh got max win on Hacksaw’s Bowery Boys slot, winning the 10,000x multiplier and $10,000 million in cash. This led to him dressing up as one of the street gang members from 19th century New York, the period the Bowery Boys game was inspired by. 

Check out Roshtein's Bowery Boys Cosplay: 


— Roshtein (@ROSHTEINS) September 12, 2022

After Bowery Boys hit in June 2022, Roshtein had max wins on 6 more slots - Barn Festival, Wanted Dead or a Wild, Gladiator Legends, Sugar Rush, Phoenix Forge, and Retro Tapes. This means there are 6 cosplay specials TROOPS get to look forward to in the near future. It will be interesting to see what Rosh gets dressed up as for the Sugar Rush cosplay stream! One giant and colorful candy maybe?! We’ll see! 

The cosplay streams are not scheduled but Roshtein makes an announcement a week before they happen so viewers get ready for this one-of-a-king experience.  


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