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rosh in black hat screaming at a screen
rosh in black hat screaming at a screen

$18.7 Million - Roshtein’s Biggest Win Ever!!!

  • 🎰 Roshtein wins record $18.7M on "Wanted Dead or a Wild."
  • 🥇 Beats previous $17.5M win.
  • 🎉 Celebrates with Twitch community.
  • 🤠 Adds 12,500 points to viewers.

Roshtein sets a new record by landing $18.7 million, his biggest win EVER!!! This breathtaking hit happened on Hacksaw’s legendary Wanted Dead or a Wild slot during the Duel bonus round. Previous record was $17.5 million, on the same game, won in March 2022. 

man in black jacket looks at the screen with big win

The stream was just in its beginning stages when this stunning win landed. It happened so fast, Rosh himself couldn’t believe it. He was doing the organic spins on Wanted and had already gone through 7 The Great Train Robbery bonuses and 4 Duel bonuses, some of them bringing in decent wins, when another 10 Duel free spins were triggered. 

The bet was set on $1,500 but the things were pretty much dead throughout the whole bonus round. But as we all know, all it takes is one good spin, one great set of multipliers, and your balance can skyrocket. It was the last Duel free spin that brought Roshtein his record-breaking win. The VS symbol landed on all 5 reels, expanded and revealed 8x, 5x, 8x, 20x, and 3x multipliers. The product of such an amazing multiplier setup was a stunning $18,726,900!!! 

Watch Roshtein Win $18.7 Million: 


— muttuuuu (@muttuuuus) July 1, 2022

Seeing the VS symbols and multipliers show on screen, Rosh was getting ready for a big hit, saying - “Hey! Hey! What is that?! What is that?!” When the number appeared over the reels and the message “Max win on a single round has been reached” appeared, Roshtein almost jumped on the table. He was laughing, jumping around and repeating - “I’ve got the max win! I’ve got the max win! Oh my God!!!

Chat went crazy!!! In situations like this it’s obvious more than ever just how close are the members of the community built around Rosh’s Twitch channel. People in chat were congratulating him and celebrating Roshtein’s streaming milestone like it was their own. After all, they went with Rosh through thick and thin, seeing him through some really disastrous and heartbreaking streaming days. But those challenging times are what makes moments like these extra special. So, among other things, this win is also a symbol of perseverance and dedication! 

man in black jacket celebrating big wins on slot

True to the Wanted slot theme, Roshtein disappeared for a few moments and came back in a full cowboy costume. He showed the replay and it was obvious that he was happy but also a bit stunned with finally reaching this milestone. “Thank you for coming to the stream today guys, I think I’m done!!!” - he said jokingly. With this kind of a start, Rosh was able to relax, entertain the viewers, and not think about the end balance of that day. So, he was asking viewers what they wanted to see him play for the rest of the stream. Also, Rosh didn’t forget and added an amazing 12,500 points to the viewers’ Golden Satchels. 

Overall, this $18.7 million win represents one of those moments in Roshtein’s streaming career that will be remembered for a really long time. Finally reaching the max win on Wanted and breaking personal record by landing his biggest win ever, Roshtein has once again moved the casino streaming needle and solidified his position in the Twitch universe as one of the most popular streamers.

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