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Poppinbuckets Takes Over Roshtein's Twitch Stream

09 May 2022

Meet the legendary Poppinbuckets and check out some amazing wins!

Poppinbuckets, popular creator of funny casino streaming tunes, joins Roshtein’s stream again and has fun chatting with the viewers. It was another 15-hour stream (3rd in a row) but right in the middle of it, Roshtein decided to go on a small break and let Poppin take the wheel. 

However, if you were looking forward to finally seeing the face of the man who is responsible for hit tunes such as Roshi Toshi, that was not possible. Poppinbuckets decided to keep some air of mystery around him and appeared on stream in a translucent form with some mighty blue shades. The deal was made with the chat - if he succeeds in raising the balance to $5 million, he will show his face.  

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Poppin was doing organic spins on legendary Wanted Dead or a Wild on a $1,500 bet, trying to boost Roshtein balance. All those that play this Hacksaw Gaming slot know that on some days it can be completely dead but thankfully this was not one of those days. Out of 3 possible bonuses, “The Great Train Robbery” was landing pretty regularly and a couple of those free spins rounds have brought in some hefty wins.

After 1,000 organic spins, the decision was made to play another 500 spins before Roshtein returned to the stream. And boy, was this the right decision! Less than 30 spins in, 4 VS symbols with 8x, 6x, 2x, and 2x multipliers attached land on the first 4 reels and bring an amazing $3.3 million win! 

This stunning base game win has pushed the balance over $5 million and you know what that means - yeah, the great reveal! After the initial shock of this magnificent win, Poppin kept his promise and showed his face to the viewers. 

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Over the course of 2 hours on the Roshtein’s stream, the community was able to get to know Poppinbuckets better and they all agreed - he’s a really swell guy! Some in the chat even encouraged him to become a full-time streamer! Rosh himself said that he could listen to Poppinbuckets the whole night. 

All in all, Poppin’s takeover was a fun-filled and exciting segment of the Roshtein’s stream that was highly appreciated by the community. Poppinbuckets managed to boost BTC balance from $1.8 to $5.5 in less than 2 hours thanks to several great wins, including the $3.3 million one that happened during the base game. He provided the community with more than a few memorable moments and hopefully he’ll be back soon! 


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