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Gladiator Legends Slot review

Hacksaw Gaming


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Fight for glory, valor, and riches, or fade into oblivion with your name lost to memory in Gladiator Legends. Push your way through the Colosseum until no man is left standing. The arena masters will have no choice but to unleash the beast and relinquish the treasures hidden inside the ‘Beast Reel’.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

Gladiator Legends brings players into an immersive slot experience with its captivating 5x4 battlefield-like setup with 10 paylines and multiple FeatureSpins game modes. The game revolves around Hacksaw Gaming’s iconic Duel Mechanic that is triggered by special VS symbols. In the base game, these expand into a Duel Reel, turning the whole reel into a giant Wild symbol while showcasing two mighty gladiators. 

These gladiators each possess a multiplier value and engage in a head-to-head battle. The multiplier of the winning fighter is then applied to the entire reel, with multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x. If you manage to land more than one VS symbol their multipliers are combined together before being applied to the win, adding to the excitement of the gameplay.

Champions of the Arena is the first bonus game of Gladiator Legends. Triggered by three Arena symbols, this thrilling feature starts a Hold & Spin-type bonus game that awards three spins, which reset whenever a VS symbol appears. During this round, each reel starts with a multiplier of 1x. However, when a VS symbol triggers it will spawn a multiplier gladiator with a value of up to 1,000x who will battle the reel’s current multiplier gladiator. Additionally, you can encounter two other symbols:

  • Normal Coin: This reveals a multiplier of x2 to x10, which multiplies the corresponding Reel Multiplier above it, enhancing the potential for bigger wins.
  • Epic Coin: This symbol is a bit harder to land and also carries multipliers of x2 to x10. However, instead of multiplying just one reel, it multiplies all reels in the game, offering even greater rewards. 

The bonus game ends if there are 3 non-winning spins in a row. Your reward will reflect the total sum of all Reel Multipliers multiplied by your stake.

Unleash the Beast is the second bonus game of Gladiator Legends and is activated by three Beast symbols, this feature also begins with a Hold & Spin-like bonus game.

For the most part, it functions similarly to the previous bonus game. The twist, however, is that the middle reel holds a beast that is locked and temporarily unavailable. To unleash it you have to land a VS symbol at least once on all other reels. This will unlock your ‘Beast Reel’ which has the unique ability to land enhanced VS symbols. Whenever landed they’ll multiply all other VS symbol multipliers!

Another big difference is that reel multipliers are progressive. Any new VS symbol multipliers are added instead of replaced. When the game ends, the sum of all Reel Multipliers is multiplied by the bet and awarded as the final payout, offering immense winning potential.

Both bonus games are available in Hacksaw Gaming’s Buy Bonus feature. You start either of them immediately for 100x or 400x your stake. And, for those looking to further enhance their gameplay, Gladiator Legends also offers two FeatureSpins game modes with extreme levels of volatility.

  • Pay 10x your stake per spin to guarantee at least 1 VS symbol to land
  • Pay 40x your stake per spin to guarantee at least 2 VS symbols to land

Roshtein’s Take

I did organize Gladiator Legends cosplay stream on Kick which means I was one of those players who were able to hit max win on this amazing game! So, I can without doubt say that this slot can deliver massive wins! Gladiator Legends is an absolutely savage online slot that has you hating it with passion on one day and loving it on the next. The Champions of the Arena bonus has massive gladiator multipliers of up to 1,000x per symbol. But, even if you manage to secure them, you can still lose them in a gut-wrenching fashion. Luckily the rest of the game’s features are progressive.

The FeatureSpins mode has some of the most volatile spins ever. Turning it on will turn your game into a completely different experience. It’s actually how I hit the max win of 10,000x!


Welcome bonus

10 signup spins

100% up to €400

100 free spins