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First Hacksaw Gaming Slots - The Pocketz Series

18 Oct 2022

  • 📱 Mobile-Focused Innovation: Hacksaw Gaming's Pocketz Series was strategically designed to cater specifically to mobile casino players, marking a departure from the conventional approach of trying to please a broad audience.
  • 🎰 Unconventional Design and Gameplay: Unlike traditional slot models, Pocketz slots broke away from the standard 5x3 grid setup and embraced unconventional themes and gameplay mechanics.
  • 🎥 Streamers' Stamp of Approval: Hacksaw Gaming's Pocketz Series gained popularity among casino streamers, including prominent figures like Roshtein, thanks to their entertaining gameplay and high winning potential.

Hacksaw Gaming is holding the title of one of the most popular online slot providers in the world today! Although that success did not happen overnight and is certainly well deserved, for the company that was established in 2018 with a prime goal to produce online scratch cards, that’s a pretty fast rise to the top of the iGaming industry.   

The studio is mostly known for its magnificent Wanted Dead or a Wild game, an absolute gem among online slots, but today we are going back to where it all began! Let’s take a closer look at the Pocketz Slots - a special, mobile-focused series of Hacksaw casino games! 

Pocketz Series - Playing It Smart!       

Hacksaw Gaming started its production of slots under the moniker Pocketz Series with a specific goal of appealing to mobile casino players and this was one of the smartest decisions the studio could have ever made. Why? Well, most up-and-coming online casino providers want to appeal to as big of an audience as possible which makes them play safe rather often!

neon slot grid

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with playing it safe! After all, they are running a business and need to pay the bills like everybody else but it’s also a first trap many of the new studios will fall into and unfortunately never recover. We all know first impressions matter. So, if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, the players don’t really have the need to stick around for much longer. Soon after a few spins (if even that!), they’ll go back to the well-known and trusted industry veterans like Pragmatic Play and forget about your brand.   

That’s why Hacksaw focusing on a specific industry niche was such a good move! They were not trying to please everybody, they wanted to provide the best gambling experience to the mobile slot players! By announcing the Pocketz Series and explaining their goal to the community, they were not like all the other new providers and that got players’ attention. 

Special Pocketz Slots Design 

Pocketz slots’ design was rather minimalistic as they were created primarily to cater to the needs of mobile users and they do look very good on the small phone screens. However, that doesn’t mean desktop versions did not exist. Hacksaw ensured that their games were also available to computer users and are just as enjoyable on the big screens.    

But there was one more very important thing! It was evident from the very start that Hacksaw games do not fit that standard modern online slot model. Pocketz slots did not feature the 5x3 grid setup that’s pretty much a go-to choice among providers these days and they also don’t fit the mold when it comes to the themes they cover and the gameplay mechanics implemented on the reels. 

om nom slot grid

Honestly, back then, it didn’t seem that Hacksaw Gaming was offering something spectacular or groundbreaking. And, again in all honesty, in many ways they didn’t! But, hindsight 20/20, the early Pocketz Series was just them testing the waters. When you look closer at their first slot releases, the innovative spirit as well as the desire to push the industry needle - it’s all there! 

It didn’t take them long to show that they think outside the box and that their perception of what the online slot should be and should look like doesn’t necessarily follow industry guidelines. The Cubes slot was the perfect example of that. Did it win the popularity contest? Nope! But it did send a very clear message -  Hacksaw Gaming is not afraid to risk it! And if history has taught us anything, it is that without people who are ready to take the risky move, innovations within any industry would not be possible.  

Hacksaw Gaming & Casino Streamers 

Besides well-crafted and highly entertaining gameplays, Hacksaw slots gained popularity also due to casino streamers. It wasn’t long before Roshtein and the rest of the community on Twitch realized the potential of these games so they included them into their bonus openings and the massive wins started rolling in!  

roshtein toshi slot

Today, Hacksaw Gaming releases are an absolute must on slot streams! There is probably no casino streamer that has not played at least one session on Wanted Dead or a Wild! And the Pocketz Series games were no exception either! Streamers started including Pocketz slots because they were, just like the rest of the provider’s portfolio, delivering top-notch entertainment and high winning potential. What more can Twitch casino streaming creator ask for?!      

Top Hacksaw Pocketz Slots 

Some of the most popular Hacksaw Gaming slots are actually part of the Pocketz Series. Even though the studio is today primarily focused on more elaborative games such as The Bowery Boys and Undead Fortune, they never gave up on the original series and they doadd new releases to the Pocketz portfolio from time to time. The last one to join was Double Rainbow slot featuring minimalistic but colorful design and some very exciting gameplay extras.  

double rainbow slot grid

However, the ones that stand out the most from this series and have been featured on casino streams for many, many hours are: Toshi Video Club, Respinners, Tasty Treats, and King Carrot. All of them are inspired by different themes, offer completely different visuals, and very distinctive but equally entertaining gameplays. 

And that is, I believe, the core of Hacksaw Gaming's approach to online slots creation, including the Pocketz Series. Each game has something unique to offer, something distinctive that separates that slot from the previous releases and that grabs player’s attention from the moment they spin the reels for the first time. 

respinners slot grid

The Pocketz Series was a smart beginners move by Hacksaw Gaming that allowed them to demonstrate their creative ingenuity to the iGaming community. If you look at the first Pocketz slot Stick ‘Em and then check out each release that followed it, you will see that every single one of them brought something new to the table. Hacksaw was climbing the steep road of success, slowly but securely, and they were bolder and bolder with each new creation they produced. Their daring nature, as well as the knack for knowing what modern online slot players look for in a game, is what brought them great reputation and admiration within the community.    

// Richard 

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