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What Casino Games Does Roshtein Stream on Kick?

  • ​​🎯Wanted Dead or a Wild: Wild west slot with 96.27% RTP and 12,500x max win.
  • ⚡Zeus VS Hades: Gods of War: Mythical battles with 96.05% RTP and 15,000x max win.
  • 🏛️Gates of Olympus: Gods-themed slot with 96.50% RTP and 5,000x max win.
  • 💰Le Bandit: Heist-themed with 96.30% RTP and 10,000x max win.
  • 🍬Sugar Rush 1000: Candy-themed with 96.53% RTP and 25,000x max win.
  • 🧙‍♂️Power of Merlin: Magic-themed with 96.09% RTP and 40,000x max win.

Roshtein is a highly-praised name in the world of online casino streaming. With a flair for high-stakes gameplay and a personality that’s both magnetic and entertaining, Roshtein has positioned himself at the very top of the casino streaming world. His streams are a whirlwind of excitement, with every spin of the reels bringing a mix of suspense, thrill, and laughter to those who watch him on streaming platform Kick.

Streaming Casino Games Online: Roshtein's Top Picks

What sets Roshtein apart is his unique streaming style. He does more than just play games; he creates whole experiences. His energetic comments, coupled with his dramatic reactions to wins and losses, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Whether he’s celebrating a massive win or reacting to a close call, Roshtein’s charisma shines through, making his streams irresistibly engaging. His ability to connect with his audience, known as the TROOPS, making them feel part of the action, is a key factor in his widespread popularity. 

Roshtein captivates his audience with a variety of intriguing games that not only offer rich visual and thematic elements but also complex gameplay mechanics and high payout potentials. Here’s a detailed look at some of the most popular games featured on Roshtein's streams:

Wanted Dead or a Wild - Hacksaw Gaming

Wanted Dead or a Wild is one of Roshtein’s go-to games, known for its highly immersive gameplay and huge winning potential. This slot features bandits, gunfights, and thrilling bonus rounds that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The game’s key features include a Duel at Dawn bonus and a Dead Man’s Hand feature, offering substantial win potential. 

roshtein streams wanted slot

With an RTP of 96.27% and a maximum win multiplier of up to 12,500x, Wanted provides plenty of excitement. Roshtein’s streams are filled with intense moments as he chases massive wins, with his dramatic reactions making each spin a must-watch. The unpredictability and high stakes of this Hacksaw Gaming slot game resonate well with his audience, making it a staple in his streaming repertoire.

Zeus VS Hades: Gods of War - Pragmatic Play

Zeus VS Hades by Pragmatic Play transports viewers to a mythical battleground where gods clash for supremacy. This slot’s stunning graphics and epic soundtrack create an immersive experience. Key features include free spins, multipliers, and Expanding Wilds, which add layers of excitement to the gameplay. 

roshtein streams zeus vs hades slot

Thanks to its 96.05% RTP of and a 15,000x winning potential, the game offers significant win potential. Roshtein’s streams often highlight the game's dynamic bonus rounds and the potential for big wins, keeping his audience engaged. His comments and interaction with his followers during high-stakes moments, combined with the game's dramatic theme, make Zeus VS Hades: Gods of War a thrilling addition to his streaming lineup.

Gates of Olympus - Pragmatic Play

Gates of Olympus is another Pragmatic Play’s gem that takes players to the realm of the ancient gods. With its cascading reels, multipliers, and free spins, the game offers a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. The slot boasts an RTP of 96.50% and a maximum win multiplier of up to 5,000x. Roshtein’s streams of this game are particularly exciting during the free spins round, where multipliers can stack up for enormous wins

roshtein streams gates of olympus

The game also features a Tumble mechanic, where winning symbols disappear and new ones drop down, and a Multiplier feature where multipliers can appear at random during any spin. The combination of the game’s high volatility and Roshtein’s charismatic streaming style makes Gates of Olympus a must-watch for his audience.

Le Bandit - Hacksaw Gaming

Le Bandit, a popular slot game from Hacksaw Gaming offers a thrilling heist-themed adventure that resonates well with Roshtein’s audience. The game’s unique features, such as bonus rounds where players can crack safes and collect loot, add to its excitement. With an RTP of 96.30% and a maximum win multiplier of up to 10,000x,Le Bandit provides high stakes and big rewards.

roshtein streams le bandit slot

Roshtein’s streams highlight these interactive elements, making his fans feel like part of the action. His dynamic reactions to big wins and near-misses, combined with the game’s engaging theme, keep the audience hooked. Le Bandit is a perfect blend of thrilling gameplay and high potential payouts, making it one of the favorites on Roshtein’s Kick channel.

Sugar Rush 1000 - Pragmatic Play

Sugar Rush 1000 is the sweetest delight you’ll find on Roshtein’s stream, featuring vibrant candy-themed visuals and a playful atmosphere. This slot’s 7x7 grid and Scatter Pay system offer frequent wins, keeping the excitement levels high. Fun-filled features include the Tumble mechanic and a Multiplier Reel that increases with each win, providing ample opportunities for significant payouts. 

roshtein streams sugar rush 1000 slot

With a 96.53% RTP of and an amazing 25,000x winning potential, Sugar Rush 1000 delivers both fun and potential rewards. Roshtein’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious as he navigates through the game’s colorful landscape, with his reactions to big wins and near-misses adding to the entertainment value. The cheerful theme and potential for large multipliers make Pragmatic Play’s Sugar Rush 1000 a viewer favorite.

Power of Merlin Megaways - Pragmatic Play

Power of Merlin Megaways is the game that brings extra magic and adventure to Roshtein’s streams. This slot’s enchanting theme, with its spellbinding graphics and mystical soundtrack, captivates viewers. Its key features include Expanding Wilds, magical bonuses, and a free spins round with powerful multipliers

roshtein streams power of merlin slot

The game has an RTP of 96.09% and a maximum win multiplier of up to 40,000x the stake, which is something you don’t see every day. Roshtein’s streams often showcase the game’s potential for huge payouts, especially during the free spins feature. His engaging comments, coupled with the game’s magical elements, create an immersive viewing experience. All things considered, Pragmatic Play’s Power of Merlin Megaways stands out for its captivating theme and the thrilling gameplay moments that Roshtein expertly highlights.

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