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Pragmatic Play Exclusive Blackjack League Tournament - Over €3 Million Cash Prize Pool

14 May 2024

  • 🃏 Pragmatic Play's Blackjack League offers a €1,000,000 monthly prize pool across 4 daily tournaments from April 1 to June 30, 2024.
  • 🎁 500 daily prizes, including a €10,000 ultimate daily blackjack prize.
  • 💸 Over €3 million in cash prizes awarded during the promotion.
  • 🏆 Tournaments: Bronze (€3,000 daily pool), Silver (€7,000 daily pool), Gold (€15,000 daily pool), Privé (€10,000 daily pool).
  • 📈 Players need to bet real money and compete for leaderboard rankings to win prizes automatically awarded after each tournament ends.

Are you ready to witness the next step in the evolution of blackjack online? Then join Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack League, prove your skill, and get your hands on €1,000,000 monthly prize pool across 4 different tournaments happening each day!

One of the biggest, most fun Blackjack promotions Pragmatic Play has ever launched features 500 prizes every single day, with €10,000 in cash being the ultimate daily blackjack prize. Four levels of blackjack tournaments with massive prize pools take place daily, starting April 1 to June 30, 2024. 

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Over  €3 million in cash prizes will be awarded to lucky players during the course of this exclusive blackjack promotion. 

  • 91 X Bronze Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 3,000
  • 91 X Silver Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 7,000
  • 91 X Gold Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 15,000
  • 91 X Privé Blackjack Tournaments with a daily prize pool of €/£ 10,000

How Does The Pragmatic Play Blackjack League Work? 

In order to participate in the thrills of the Pragmatic Play Blackjack League, iGaming industry’s largest blackjack promotion, players just need to bet real money on a specific table or game. Prizes go to those with the best scores on the leaderboard, as per tournament's rules.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Privé lounges await all those eager to show off their prowess in the game of 21. These are the daily prize pools and specifications for all 4 levels:

pragmatic blackjack tournaments

Bronze Blackjack Tournaments

  • Daily prizes totalling €3,000
  • 250 prizes a day
  • Minimum stake: €5-10

Silver Blackjack Tournaments 

  • Daily prizes totalling €7,000
  • 200 prizes a day 
  • Minimum stake: €25-50

Gold Blackjack Tournaments

  • Daily prizes totalling €15,000
  • 49 prizes a day 
  • Minimum stake: €100

Privé Blackjack Tournaments

  • Daily prize totalling €10,000
  • One single Blackjack jackpot winner a day!
  • Minimum stake: €1,000

How Will Winners Collect Their Blackjack League Prizes?

The daily tournaments will run until the 30th of June, 2024. Once the tournament concludes, prizes will be automatically awarded to the tournament winners. However, please keep in mind that the overall prize pool distributed might fluctuate throughout the promotion and is subject to potential changes at the discretion of Pragmatic Play.

Join Pragmatic Blackjack Bonanza!

So, for those who are ready to step up to the Blackjack challenge, join Pragmatic Play’s Blackjack League and battle it out for bragging rights amongst the best Blackjack players out there! Huge daily prizes for the entirety of 3 months for the top-ranked tournament players on the leaderboard and lots of memorable gaming moments await!


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