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Bonus Hunt - Popular Casino Streaming Feature Explained

17 Jan 2024

  • ๐Ÿ“š Understanding Bonus T&C: Essential for any bonus hunter, this involves reading and comprehending casino and provider rules.
  • ๐ŸŽฏ Choosing the Right Slot Bonuses: Prioritizing bonuses that offer the best value, such as on slots with high max win potential and good RTP values.
  • ๐Ÿ’ฐ Effective Bankroll Management: Keeping track of finances and betting responsibly is crucial. Bonus hunters should set a budget and stick to it!
  • ๐Ÿ” Staying Updated on Casino Policies and Promotions: Regularly checking for updates in casino policies, as terms can change, and new opportunities for bonuses can arise.

Casino streaming, particularly the practice of Bonus Hunt, has become a popular activity among online casino streamers. This concept involves playing slot games with the goal of triggering Free Spins bonuses and then saving them for later. All slot players know the power of Free Spins bonus rounds and the winning potential they hold so being able to play one after another, having a chance to not only win big but win max game payout, is a thrilling experience for both streamers and viewers.

What is Bonus Hunting?

Bonus Hunting has been a staple of casino streaming for years now and popular casino streamers like Roshtein include it in their live streams continuously. But how exactly does bonus hunt work and what's the best way to do it? 

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The concept of Bonus Hunting is pretty simple - play a slot until you trigger a bonus round and before it starts, exit the game. The bonus round will be saved and the next time you load the slot game, it will start where you left off, right before the free spins kick off. So, what casino streamers do is repeat this action one slot after another, collecting bonuses aka bonus hunting and then opening them during their live stream.

Bonus Hunting Options in Online Casinos

When it comes to hunting slot bonuses, you can do it 2 different ways - raw balance and bonus balance. Both are very different in terms of how much of real money is being invested into the bonus hunt.

The raw balance bonus hunting is when players use their own funds, real money balance, to hunt down the slot bonuses. People who love watching casino streamers bonus hunting and opening prefer this way of hunting for several reasons, the major one being the risk a streamer faces when they play with real money funds. The risk certainly amplifies the gaming and viewing experience, making it real-to-life and more entertaining. With raw balance bonus hunting, you invest your own money and that amount is what you have to collect bonuses and hopefully land at least one big win.

On the other hand, some slot players/streamers do bonus hunting by using bonus money they get from an online casino. It was a prevalent form of bonus hunting by casino streamers a few years back but most of them today use raw balance. Why? Hunting for free spins in slots using bonus cash has its limitations and can make a streaming session more rigid and less exciting. Let's explain!

Pretty much all online casinos offer some sort of bonuses to online gamblers that will inspire them to register and come back regularly to bet on casino games. New players in most online casinos can claim Welcome Bonus offers, usually some sort of deposit bonuses that are based on the player's initial investment in a casino, while the existing players usually have at their disposal daily, weekly, or monthly perks they get to enjoy.

However, claiming a Welcome Bonus and using bonus money comes with a certain set of rules and regulations which can seriously affect your bonus hunting techniques and strategies. Besides wagering requirements on claimed bonuses, online casinos can determine what casino games players get to spend their bonus cash on or cap the size of their bets on slots. Not following the rules explained in Bonus Terms & Conditions is considered bonus abuse and therefore any winnings will be automatically forfeited.

Bottom line, extra cash and other perks from online casino bonus offers are always welcomed by the players as it can prolong their gaming sessions but when it comes to bonus hunting, raw balance is much preferred by both gamblers and casino streaming fans

Bonus hunters using real-money have a freedom to choose the games they want to collect bonuses on, determine their bet size and shape their bonus hunting strategy the way they see fit. On the other hand, claiming an online casino bonus comes with wagering requirements (wager free bonuses are rarely available) and other limitations players have to comply with in order to keep their winnings. 

What are Best Bonus Hunt Slots?

When it comes to selecting the best online slots for bonus hunting, players have to keep in mind several things. First of all, they need to know what software providers allow for bonus hunting. Once that selection is made, they should try out games from the slot studios that are ok with bonus hunting, check out the stats and determine if a certain slot is worth hunting on. 

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As all experienced slot players know, different slots provide different gameplay styles, RTP percentages, volatility levels, winning potentials, and special features. You don't want to find yourself hunting bonus rounds on a slot you find boring so do the groundwork before you start your hunt.

Over the years, certain iGaming studios have established themselves as the players favorites when it comes to bonus hunting and it has to do with the types of slots they produce and the winning potential they provide. Let's see which ones stand out the most!

Best Slot Providers for Bonus Hunting

Not all software providers allow bonus hunting but luckily, the best and most prolific iGaming software providers are open to this form of gambling. This means that players and casino streamers have at their disposal the most popular slot games for bonus hunting.

Hacksaw Gaming - Best Bonus Hunt Games

Hacksaw is a popular software developer offering players a variety of modern slots with big winning potentials, usually darker themes, all sorts of exciting bonus features and highly powerful gaming sessions. In just a few years, Hacksaw managed to position itself at the very top of the online gambling world thanks to their innovative approach to slots, providing huge max wins and gameplays that engage viewers and streamers.

Popular Hacksaw slots for bonus hunts include:

These are all high variance slots known for their enticing bonus features like free spins, respins, and multipliers. For example, Outlaws Inc. features a unique theme with a motorcycle gang of animals and offers free spins, respins and a bonus buy feature.

Wanted Dead or a Wild holds a legendary status in the iGaming community due to its sharp graphics, big max win potential, and outstanding bonus rounds. Roshtein, as well as other popular casino streamers, are huge fans of this slot and they are including it in their bonus hunts regularly! Opening a Duel bonus game or a Dead Man's Hand is a proper treat, usually streamed last in the bonus hunt, as it keeps both streamers and viewers at the end of their seats till the very last spin. The $18.7 million win on Wanted Dead or a Wild is Roshtein's biggest win to date

roshtein wins 18 million on wanted

Slot named 2 Wild 2 Die, a sequel to Wanted Dead or a Wild, kicked off the 2024 gaming season for Hacksaw! After more than 2 years since Wanted landed on the scene and fired up the casino streaming world, Hacksaw released the sequel to the popular Wild West gambling saga and once again entranced the entire community of gambling fans.

The game offers more than prequel in terms of winning potential, which rose from 12,500x in Wanted to 15,000x in 2 Wild 2 Die, but it also comes with a completely new batch of unique and rewarding bonus features. Roshtein and Drake had exclusive access to a 2 Wild 2 Die slot even before it was officially released and in their stream from Turks and Caicos, they were the first 2 people to play it on Stake Casino. 

Pragmatic Play - Top Games for Bonus Hunting

Another prolific slot provider, Pragmatic Play is known for its bonus-rich slots. Pragmatic Play's slots are favored in most online casinos by regular players as well as the casino streaming community for their exciting bonuses and top-quality graphics. High volatility and big winning potentials are also some of the main characteristics of the majority of Pragmatic Play games. That's why gamblers who enjoy playing slots usually opt for Pragmatic Play release when choosing a reel-spinning game and why casino streamers hunt for bonuses among Pragmatic Play titles.

Pragmatic Play slots ideal for bonus hunting include:

Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War slot has been one of the Roshtein's favorite games to play on stream as it can produce amazing wins! With its 15,000x win potential, high volatility level, and possibility to switch between 2 modes of playing a games, Zeus VS Hades - Gods of War rank as one of the most popular slot release online casinos and one of the most frequently features game in streamers' bonus hunts.

The Dog House, Fruit Party, Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza slots already have the famed status in the online gambling community! All 3 games have a potential for delivering large sums in cash prizes as well as providing fun gaming sessions for players spinning their reels and collecting bonuses.

Online Casinos' & Slot Providers' Bonus Hunt Rules

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Online casinos and software providers do have specific rules and policies regarding bonus hunts. These rules can vary significantly between different casinos and software providers.

Casino Policies on Bonus Hunts

Some online casinos allow bonus hunting with both raw money (funds deposited without a bonus) and active bonuses. Other casinos only allow bonus hunting when playing with raw money. There are also casinos that do not allow bonus hunting at all. It's important to comply with a casino's policies to avoid voiding your winningsโ€‹โ€‹.

Software Provider Bonus Retention Periods

Different software providers offer various timeframes for retaining bonuses. For instance, Pragmatic Play has a bonus retention period of around 7 days as well as Gamomat, Play'n GO, NetEnt, iSoftBet, Endorphina, and Microgaming. On the other hand, Hacksaw Gaming bonuses automatically pop after 24 hours. Notably, Nolimit City provides an extended bonus retention period of 180 days.

Providers to Include & Avoid for Bonus Hunts

There are providers that you should avoid for bonus hunts, as they do not save bonuses or add wins to your balance. These include Aristocrat, Red Tiger, ELK Studios, Felix Gaming, Fugaso, High 5 Games, and several othersโ€‹โ€‹.

It's crucial for players to be aware of these rules and policies to ensure a successful and compliant bonus hunting experience. Always check with the specific online casino and software providers for their unique terms and conditions regarding bonus hunts. 

Why Do Viewers Love Watching Bonus Hunt Opening?

There are several reasons why opening slot bonuses on live streams is so popular among casino streaming viewers. Free Spins bonus rounds are the most rewarding part of slot gaming which also makes them the most exciting!

Once you trigger free spins in a slot game, you know that the following free spins are not only free of charge but that they can provide a significant boost to your casino balance. Simply, the slot's winning potential is the most noticeable and achievable in the bonus round. And streamers as well as viewers know that so they get ready and hope for the biggest win multiplier ever.

Certain games can simply pop! In one single free spin, smilingly out of nowhere, the reels can explode with coins and deliver the mind-blowing cash prize! Sometimes you can almost feel the win coming like a way - when the multipliers land in this perfect position on the reels and you know that on the next spin, the huge win will be yours!

These and similar situations are what makes playing slots fun and what makes watching Bonus Hunt Opening such a thrill for the viewers. The anticipation and the potential of wagering on slots is why gambling and casino streaming are one of the top forms of entertainment in the iGaming world today.

Roshtein's Bonus Hunts

Roshtein has done over 1,000 bonus hunts live on stream. The Bonus Hunt page on his website provides users with the most important info regarding each and every hunt Roshtein did in the past. Roshtein website users can check which slots he collected bonuses on, what was the bet size, what was the win multiplier, and how big was the win. 

roshtein bonus hunt page on the website

Each of the bonus hunts on also shows what was the target balance and what was the end balance. Anyone checking them out will get to see just how much bonuses on certain slots pay over a certain period of time. This is extremely helpful for regular players who also enjoy bonus hunting and who want to play smart. The Bonus Hunt page on Roshtein's website provides a great overview of the bonus hunting practices.

How Many Bonuses are Included in Roshtein's Bonus Hunts?

Viewers are able to see Roshtein opening several dozen of bonuses each time he is live on Kick. Bonus Hunts are regular segments of Roshtein's streams and he usually opens 80 slot bonuses or more. It's probably the most popular section of his streaming sessions.

How Does Roshtein Hunt for Online Casino Bonuses?

Roshtein hunts bonuses before the stream and sometimes even during the stream. Most of the time, all the slot bonuses are hunted and ready to be opened before the stream starts. This gives Roshtein a time to focus on other stream segments such as Bonus Battles, Tournaments, and chatting with people in the chat.

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