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How to Use Kick Streaming Platform

What makes Kick streaming platform such a good choice for both streamers and viewers!

In January 2023, the streaming space became richer for one more streaming platform -! This fresh addition has been welcomed by streamers and stream viewers as it provides creators with more and better options, especially in terms of subscription revenues, transparency, and the flexibility in content creation. Although still on the smaller size, the fact that some of the biggest creators have made the jump and joined Kick, shows that this streaming platform has a potential to grow and stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the industry. 

What Kick Offers to Streamers & Viewers? is a modern streaming platform that offers high-quality experience to both content creators and viewers. Users can stream/watch live broadcasts in HD quality, implement different functions and tools to personalize and easily manage the streams as well as connect to the community members via chat. 

kick home page

Right from the get-go, Kick made it clear that they will protect and encourage smaller streamers, ensuring they get their fair shot to create a name for themselves in the ever-growing world of online streaming. And as a still developing streaming platform, probably truly is the best option for the up-and-coming streamers! Not only for the fact that they will be met with streamer-friendly conditions but are also given the opportunity to establish themselves in the space that’s yet not overly populated and grow with the platform itself.  

Modern Design & User-Friendly Interface 

From the very first moment you land on the home page, you will understand that this streaming platform pushes for clean and modern design. And given the fact that this is still a beta version of the website, further improvements of what if has to offer, how it functions, and looks are to be expected. 

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Still, in general, the current layout and interface of Kick’s website are quite good. Even streaming novices will be able to find their way around the platform with ease. By dividing the streaming content into categories and subcategories, Kick allows users to move smoothly through the website and find what they want without too much hassle. 

All the most important buttons are clearly visible from the get-go which eliminates any possible confusion in users. Home page is divided into sections which provides a good overview of the streaming platform and what it has to offer to the community members.         

Explore Streaming Categories

Being a modern streaming platform, is open to a wide variety of streaming content! If you click on the Browse button in the upper home page menu, you will be introduced to the main streaming categories on Kick:  ​

  • Games  - The list of all video games played on Kick can be found here (Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, GTA, etc.). You can also check out the list of live streams currently taking place within this category. From esports tournaments to single-player story games, video games fans can find a stream that fits their needs perfectly.   
  • IRL - Streams in this Kick section cover different topics - from Just Chatting to News, ASMR, Travel & Outdoors, and much, much more.  
  • Music - Category dedicated to all the music-lovers! Whatever your music taste might be, Kick has you covered - from live performances to acoustic sets and DJ streams, you’ll find it all here!    
  • Gambling - One of the most popular categories on Kick! Gambling section features slots, poker, sports betting, and other forms of gambling.    
  • Creative - Everything creative is included in this Kick section - Body Art, 3D Animations, Graphic Design, Software & Game design, Music Production, and other types of creative endeavors.  
  • Alternative - This Kick section gathers all sorts of streams that don’t belong to any of the previously mentioned categories. The themes discussed here include crypto and trading, stocks, politics, etc. There is also an entire subcategory called Just Sleeping where streamers don’t stop their streams even when they go to bed. 


Clicking on any of these leads you to subcategories. For example, by clicking on the Gambling category, you will be redirected and presented with additional options such as: Slots & Casino, Sports Betting, Poker, Table Games, etc. Below these subcategories, you can check out the casino streamers active at the moment. This list can be filtered based on the number of viewers (high to low and low to high) or you can click on the Recommended For You option and see what Kick has filtered out for you based on the channels you already follow.   

kick gambling category

In case you are completely new to Kick, or even totally unfamiliar with the world of casino streaming, and you don’t know who to follow, these filters will provide you with a good starting point. Check out the most watched streamers (after all there must be a reason why many people are watching them!) and start following their streams. After some time you will realize which casino streaming style you enjoy the most and which community makes you feel like you’re at home. 

Don’t be afraid to explore! Casino streaming section of is very diverse with new streamers joining almost daily. Give a chance to smaller creators and newcomers as well, it will be much appreciated by the streamers themselves and the community.    

How to Create an Account on Kick? 

To get a full-blown streaming experience on, creating an account is simply a must. With an account you will gain complete access to what this streaming platform has to offer and get to enjoy all the perks. 

Creating an account on is a pretty straightforward procedure. Here’s a step-by-step guide how to become a registered member on Kick: ​

  • Click on a Sign Up button in the upper right corner on the home page 
  • Enter your email address and birthdate 
  • Enter your username and password 


After confirming your password, you need to click the green Sign Up button. Once that is done, Kick will send you the verification email to the email address you enter during your signing up process. Open the email, click on the Verify Email Address button, and you have officially become a member of the Kick streaming community!   

Accessing Via Mobile Apps streaming platform is available via mobile apps as well! Both Android and Apple users can have the access to their favorite streamers wherever and whenever they want as long as they have a good internet connection. 

Signing up procedure via mobile apps is pretty much the same as when you do it on a computer. It’s a simple and easy procedure! Just go to iStore/Google Store and download the Kick app. Afterwards, launch the app on your mobile device, enter your Sign Up/Login information, and you will be good to go!

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