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Eye of The Panda Slot review

Hacksaw Gaming


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People have heard about the Eye of the Tiger, but not many know about the striped predator’s chubby friend, the Panda, which in no way is less of a ferocious beast. Eye of the Panda is one of the first Panda-themed slots that focuses more on the untamed, angry, and hungry side of this seemingly gentle giant. Be the first to poke the bear, conquer the grand prize worth 10,000x the stake, and see what the magicians at Hacksaw Gaming have in their bag of tricks.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

It’s hard to translate what the story Hacksaw is trying to convey, though, through visual perceptions alone. Eye of Panda has got to be one of the best-crafted Hacksaw slots ever. The game lights up with shades of neon green and striking symbol designs, along with a mix of pleasant hues of pink and blue that are not overwhelming to the eyes. The grouchy Panda stands cross-armed on the right side of the 5x5 grid, unmistakably asserting his no-nonsense attitude and adding a delightful touch of character to the game. Eye of Panda is a heaven of junk food, whipping up a tornado of items from cones of ice cream to burgers and fries that pay 5x to 10x the bet for 5 on a winning line.

Despite the callous caricature of Mr. P, players will find it surprising that Eye of the Panda is one of the more lenient slots, spotting a medium volatility level. On top of that, the game also has some of the better RTP, settling comfortably at 96.26% at its best, and provides plenty of entertainment for players looking for the one sweet spot and winning the colossal reward worth 10,000x the bet.

In terms of features, Eye of the Panda boasts an exciting array of gameplay bonus elements, including Super Cascades, Wild Panda Multipliers, the Never Say No to Panda! Bonus, the Jumping Panda Bonus, and the option to buy the bonus round.

Super Cascade eliminates all instances of winning symbol types from the reels and allows fresh symbols to fill the gaps. Wild Pandas not only serve as substitutes but also come with multipliers of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10. These multipliers apply to any wins they are a part of, and if multiple Wild Pandas contribute to a win, their multipliers combine before being applied. These multipliers persist during the round until they are involved in a win, at which point they disappear with the winning symbols on the cascade.

Players can trigger the Never Say No to Panda! Bonus by landing 3 Free Spin Scatters (SF) and get 10 Free Spins. During this round, Wild Panda symbols not belonging to a part of a win are stored in one of the 5 Panda Collector spaces. When a win occurs, these saved Wild Pandas jump to random positions in the winning combination, applying their multipliers to any wins they join. Only as many Wild Pandas as can fit within existing wins are released from the Panda Collector. On the last spin, all unsaved Wild Pandas that were not part of any win leap to random reel positions.

Achieving 4 Free Spin Scatters in the base game grants 10 free spins alongside the Jumping Panda Bonus. The first 5 Wild Pandas that land become sticky, remaining on the reels throughout the feature. These sticky Wild Pandas jump to new random positions with each free spin, cascading and receiving a new multiplier value during each jump.

Players have the option to purchase bonuses from the feature buy menu, each offering a unique experience:

  • BonusHunt FeatureSpins: 3x the bet and significantly increases the likelihood of triggering a bonus game.
  • Panda-licious FeatureSpins: 50x the bet and guarantees at least 5 Panda symbols landing on each spin.
  • Never Say No to Panda!: 100x the bet for access to Never Say No to Panda!
  • Jumping Pandas: 200x the bet for access to Jumping Panda Bonus.

Roshtein’s Take

Eye of the Panda brings an exciting and unique gaming experience. The slot is providing stunning visuals while keeping the gameplay smooth and approachable, offering a captivating and thrilling slot experience with features such as the innovative Never Say No to Panda! and Jumping Panda Bonus, along with a decent number of Free Spins. There are tons of options for Bonus Buys, making the game more flexible than ever. Overall, Eye of the Panda is an excellent slot filled with plenty of possibilities, and the entertainment you get along with massive wins is well worth it.

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