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Roshtein's Max Win on Jewel Rush Slot

Huge wins during bonus opening - $1.5 million on Jewel Rush & $1.2 Million on Chilli Heat Megaways slots!

Roshtein’s list of max wins on online slots expanded for 1 more title! After landing his 18th max win in March 2023 and winning $500,000 on Retro Tapes, Rosh has added Jewel Rush slot to this impressive record-breaking listing.    

$1.5 Million Jewel Rush Max Win  

Jewel Rush max win of $1.5 million landed during the bonus hunt opening #902. This Pragmatic Play slot was listed as a number 18 on the bonus hunt list and Rosh acquired it while playing on a $300 bet. It only took Roshtein 4 free spins to get this record-breaking win

On the 4th free spin, the powerful combo of multipliers on the grid produced a massive $1,403,835 win! Combined with the wins from the previous free spins of the bonus round, Rosh ended up with the maximum 5,000x the bet aka $1.5 million!!! Before this extraordinary hit, the biggest multiplier on Jewel Rush was 186x and the best win was $186,250. 

Watch Roshtein Hit Max Win on Jewel Rush: 

To say that Rosh didn’t expect for this big boi to land would be an understatement. He had been down on his money so this record-breaking win brought a huge smile to his face. It didn’t cover the loss completely but it did help. The atmosphere of the live stream got heated with people in the chat cheering and having fun!                 

Massive $1.2 Million Win on Chilli Heat Megaways 

Roshtein’s week became even better when he landed another huge win during the bonus shunt opening #905! Pragmatic Play game Chilli Heat Megaways was the 27th bonus on the 106 bonuses list and it delivered in the best possible way - with a show-stopping win of $1.2 million! 

Poppinbuckets, the mastermind behind catchy Roshtein-focused and slot-inspired tunes, was on the call with Rosh when the Chilli Heat Megaways win happened. Roshtein was once again in the role of a Love Doctor and Poppinbuckets and him were trying to help people in the chat with their love problems while opening the bonuses at the same time. 

Watch Roshtein Win $1.2 Million on Chilli Heat Megaways:  

While they were talking, Roshtein noticed the multiplier landed in the Respins bonus round that could bring a massive payout. And it did!!! Spicy and hot $1.2 million or 4,000x win was delivered via Chilli Heat Megaways reels! 

Another Max Win, Another Cosplay 

This is Roshtein’s 4th max win this year. Sugar Rush, Phoenix Forge, and Retro Tapes slots delivered the highest possible prize earlier this year. Given the rarity of max wins in online slots, Roshtein decided to celebrate each of these wins with a celebratory stream when he would dress up as the main character from the winning game. 

With this new max win, Jewel Rush slot has been officially added to the list of the future cosplay streams. The cosplay streams were some of the Roshtein’s best streams ever! Who can forget Rosh in the purple wig as a rude Karen or Rosh as a red jumping Plinko ball?!!! It will be interesting to see how he will show up for the Jewel Rush cosplay stream.