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roshtein smiling during his new years stream on turks and caicos
roshtein smiling during his new years stream on turks and caicos

Roshtein Celebrates New Year with The TROOPS on Stream

Roshtein's New Year's special on Twitch streamed from Turks & Caicos!

Roshtein went live on Twitch on December 31, 2022 to wish his loyal community a happy New Year. This was his first stream on a popular platform after regulation changes announced back in October 2022 and Rosh was overwhelmed by the number of people who joined him for this special Twitch event. 

roshtein smiling during his new year's stream

The happiness to reunite with his TROOPS was evident on his face! The outpouring of love and support he got from the community was the reason he had the biggest smile plastered on his face throughout the entire streaming session.  

This is love! I miss you all! Thank you so much! You guys are amazing!” - said Roshtein. 

This special end-of-the-year stream was done from Roshtein’s backyard in Turks and Caicos. He went to this Caribbean paradise after spending a couple of months in Canada and it’s obvious that warm weather has been doing him good. The stream was scheduled to match the midnight in Malta which meant Roshtein started his New Year’s stream at 17:00h local time. 

New Year’s Eve Chat with The Community 

Before the clock hit midnight and the celebrations officially started, Rosh spent time talking to the community members in the chat, answering their questions and having a laugh. The people who joined him for this special stream noticed that Roshtein looks refreshed and that he lost some weight. He confirmed that time off was doing him good, he was able to recharge but he was also paying more attention to his diet and was working out more. 

On a more serious note, when talking about not streaming every day, he confessed that it felt weird and that it took some time getting used to. Rosh felt guilty for not going live but it was simply not the time and he believes you shouldn't force yourself to live stream if you’re not up to it. He knows that the core of the community wants what’s best for him. “You care about me and I care about you!” - Roshtein said. It’s that simple! Any other way around and it wouldn’t work! 

roshtein holding 2 coconuts

Roshtein also shared his streaming plans for the future. The TROOPS were happy to hear that he is going back in full force in 2 weeks approximately and revealed his plans to stream on both Twitch and Kick. Rosh said that he feels a certain loyalty to Twitch as that’s the place where it all started and that the future streams on this platform will be conducted in such a way that they meet the recent regulations. And when it comes to gambling on Stake, Kick streaming platform will be the place for those types of streams. 

Of course, the question about Sia was inevitable and Rosh said that although she is not with him, she is doing good being all pampered and spoiled back home. Also, some of the viewers were interested in the Store and points situation and Roshtein said that they can expect Store to be up and running soon enough and that all their points are valid but he will explain how it’s going to work once he goes back home and starts streaming again.   

Fireworks at Midnight - Happy New Year!  

To complete the New Year’s celebration on a live Twitch stream, Roshtein popped some champagne and prepared the fireworks. Exactly at midnight CET (18:00 local) Roshtein lit up the sky on Turks and Caicos with fireworks and gave the viewers a fun and memorable streaming experience. The excitement was evident with Rosh and his crew as well as in the chat which exploded with everybody wishing a Happy New Year!  


— Roshtein (@ROSHTEINS) January 1, 2023

After that it was time to come up with some New Year’s resolutions. The suggestion to get married in 2023 was immediately dismissed by Rosh. Some of the other suggestions were to not eat McDonald’s food, meet with 100 viewers, and to create 1 stream per month with different content. The last one picked Rosh’s interest and he started contemplating what he can do in terms of diversifying content. But he was also interested in beating his own record when it comes to the number of days he streamed in one year. 

roshtein drinking champagne

Another one that got him and the chat buzzing was paying someone’s rent for a month. That’s when Richard jumped in (in voice, the loyal sidekick still keeps off camera) and wished everyone a happy New Year! Rosh and him had a brief conversation about really paying someone’s rent and agreed that it can be done.       

Roshtein’s Message to The TROOPS 

After streaming for an hour on Twitch it was time to say goodbye! But just for now! Obviously Roshtein has a lot of plans for the future and the community can expect a lot of fun and exciting things in the months to come. For the end of his last live for the year 2022, Roshtein said this:

Everyone! It is my pleasure to say thank you for this year! 2022 is behind us! Thank you for being with me on this journey! I appreciate everyone who has been with me since the beginning. I appreciate you no matter how long you’ve been watching and following. Sorry for not being able to be live as much. I feel like once I go live I won’t be able to stop. I know you’ll be there for me and I’ll be there for you! So thank you so much! 

I wish everyone a happy New Year! Make the best out of it! Be nice! I wish you great health, wealth, and joyful 2023 and many more years to come! Without you I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. So, you are the reason why I am where I am today! Thank you so much! I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love you all! Hope to see you again very soon. Peace out!

With these heartfelt words to his loyal TROOPS, Roshtein said goodbye to the year 2022. The community will be able to enjoy his streams on a regular basis in about 2 weeks when he gets back home. The major news was certainly that he plans to stream on both Kick and Twitch which means more entertaining content and more exciting streaming moments in 2023. So, brace yourself TROOPS! It’s going to be one hell of a ride!