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roshtein wearing white winter jacket and black hat
roshtein wearing white winter jacket and black hat

Roshtein’s Month Without Casino Streaming in Canada

Find out how Roshtein spend his month in Canada while not streaming!

Roshtein was in Canada when new Twitch regulations took effect and that meant that the hardest working streamer on Twitch had all of a sudden a lot of free time on his hands. Not only was he not streaming, he was also pretty silent on his social media as well which left the community wondering. 

However, during his test stream on last weekend, Roshtein explained that, even though he missed the community, he enjoyed not gambling every day! Let’s see what he did during this month of not-streaming in Toronto! 

Walking Around Toronto    

It goes without saying that Toronto is a beautiful city. After so many years in Malta, spending a longer period of time in such an urban environment has really suited Roshtein. He really missed the bustling atmosphere of a big city and everything a place like that has to offer. 

roshtein walking around sunny toronto

For the last month, Rosh decided to try and get to know Toronto a bit better. He enjoyed walking through diverse neighborhoods, each one of them with a very distinctive and spectacular vibe, and everything they have to offer. The Lake Ontario shoreline certainly stands out but so do many other city spots! Toronto is truly a remarkable place! Roshtein took long walks every other day which helped getting into better physical shape and losing a few kilos.   

Back on The Healthy Wagon! 

Roshtein is known for his intense streaming schedule! His streamer friends DeuceAce, VonDice, and FrankDimes would jokingly call him a robot as he is able to have these crazy long streams, sleep for a couple of hours and then go live again. Needless to say, this kind of working schedule is pretty limiting! Although Rosh was always trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, when your daily routine consists of at least 8 streaming hours, keeping yourself in check can be rather difficult.

So, without long streams every day, Roshtein was able to commit himself to a new health regime. He got back on track with his exercises, started going regularly to the gym, and made an effort to stick to his diet. Now, that doesn’t mean there were no cheat days! He is in Canada for the first time and it would be a proper shame not to try some of their tasty dishes. After all, a poutine once in a while never killed anybody! 

Taking It Easy

By his own admission, during this month of not streaming Roshtein was simply taking it easy. He decided to take this time and recharge. After all, he was streaming almost everyday for the past 3 years. 

roshtein on a basketball game

Although not streaming was certainly a big change in his daily routine, he decided to make the most out of the free time he has, to simply kick back and relax. Having his friends with him certainly made this task much easier and much more fun. They played video games, watched sports, movies and TV shows, bought some new very cool tech gadgets, went to basketball games and concerts, explored the city, and simply hung out having fun and enjoying life.  

Brainstorming Website Upgrades 

The main goal of Roshtein’s casino streams is to provide the community with high quality entertainment and engaging content. Rosh set the same goal for his website! There were many website updates that took place in the last months but with more free time, Roshtein was able to commit himself fully to developing new ideas and plans for the website. 

As someone who likes sports betting, Roshtein ensured his community gets to enjoy the World Cup 2022 on his website as well! The World Cup 2022 Guessing Game was launched and it allows community members to predict match results for free and enter a $100,000 giveaway. The 50 top-ranked players will get their share of the prize pool at the end of this global spectacle. 

Aside from this, the Raffles Page has been activated as well as the Re-Guessing Button for Guess The Total Win. These upgrades are also confirming just how much Roshtein cares for the community and their experience on the website. This is his way of giving back to all those people who enjoy his streams! 

But that is not the end! As Rosh himself said, there are many fun and amazing things for the community to look forward to! This time away from streaming has been very productive as he was able to come up with some amazing website concepts and never-seen-before features.  The community will love and appreciate everything that’s coming up in the near future, no doubt about it!  

Visiting Toronto’s Best Restaurants

If you didn’t know, Roshtein can survive eating McDonalds every single day of his life but that type of fast food is not really going hand in hand with his new healthy diet. However, that doesn’t mean he cannot enjoy some nice dishes in local Toronto restaurants and have a good time in some of the many amazing bars in the city. And that’s exactly what he did! 

Although Toronto might not be the best known for its culinary scene, the truth is that this amazing city offers a great variety of tasty dishes. From Mediterranean to Jamaican cuisine, Toronto has it all! And Roshtein has found a way to try them all out without breaking his diet rules. Or at least not breaking them too often! 

Sports Betting Competition with Siggy 

Although he was staying away from gambling as much as possible, especially slots, Roshtein and Siggy did start a friendly sports betting competition. Although he’s not really into slots, Siggy loves betting on sports. His personal favourite are the matches happening in the European football leagues. 

So, one day Roshtein and Siggy came to this brilliant idea to see who will be better in predicting the results for a few matches happening the next day. They’ve been doing it for over 3 weeks now. Who knows when they’ll end it but they are certainly having fun! There is nothing like a nice brotherly competition between friends! 

// Richard

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