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28 Nov 2022

Roshtein does a test stream on a new platform -!

After more than a month, Roshtein is back streaming slots. He surprised his fans by doing a test stream on a lesser known streaming platform Although Roshtein made an announcement only a few hours before starting a stream, thousands of people rushed to the platform to watch him play slots.  

Chatting with The Community 

The first part of the Roshtein’s test stream was dedicated to him chatting with the community, answering questions, and joking around with them. People welcomed him back in the chat all excited to see their favorite casino streamer ready to spin the reels once again! However, before starting his slots gaming session, Roshtein decided to answer some of the questions he knew the community members would be the most interested in.  

What was Roshtein Up To In The Last Month? 

For all those who were wondering what he was up to in the last month while he was not streaming, Rosh gave a simple answer - he was taking it easy! He was doing nothing special, simply recharging and doing nothing. He shared his streaming stats for the past 3 years where viewers were able to see that Rosh was live on Twitch pretty much every day of the year. 

roshtein's daily schedule for the past 3 years

What happened on October 18 with Twitch, gave him an opportunity to sleep more, eat better, and improve his exercise routine. Although he enjoys streaming and spending time with the community, he really enjoyed having this time for himself to kick back and relax. 

He made it clear that he plans to continue to stream and that casino streaming is something he wants to do for the rest of his life. Although there are some bad gambling days, there are some amazing ones and he will certainly not quit gambling. 

Why Kick.Com? 

Roshtein’s explanation on why he chose a pretty unknown streaming platform for his test stream was that is new and fresh but he believes it has a bright future. The website is being updated every day and it looks very promising. The end goal for Rosh is to have a stable streaming platform where he can give the community everything they deserve in terms of entertainment. 

Although doesn’t have an app at the moment, that will change soon. Roshtein asked the community to believe him that he wouldn’t go live on the streaming platform he doesn’t believe has a future. 

What about The Points? 

This is one of the most important questions for the community members and Roshtein made sure they got the answer right away. The points will not reset! Roshtein’s website has been going through updates and there are many new things to expect, including new currencies but the Twitch points stay! So, the community can rest assured that they will not lose what they have won so far by being loyal. Also, Rosh added that The Store will be up and running in full capacity soon!

Did Roshtein Miss Streaming? 

Being completely honest, Rosh said that he missed streaming but that he didn’t miss gambling that much. In his own words - it has been awesome not to gamble for the almost entire month! He did bet on sports and he did check out the new slots but that was not his main preoccupation during the day. 

roshtein in his black hat

Rosh enjoys placing bets on big sporting events and he wanted to share that passion with the community so he came up with the World Cup 2022 Guessing Game on his website. This website allows community members to place bets on the upcoming World Cup matches completely for free as long as they have registered accounts on his website and on By playing, they are also entering the $100,000 giveaway where the top 50 players with the most balls aka points will receive their share of the prize pool.   

Playing Slots Again!  

After answering all the most important questions, Roshtein put his signature black hat on and kicked off the stream! He decided to start with the bonus opening but before that he tipped some of the people in the chat. There were 23 bonuses in total with a total bet starting at $500 and rising to the amazing $1,000. Some of the slots that were released in the last month while Rosh was not streaming were also included in the bonus opening. 

The Dork Unit by Hacksaw Gaming paid like crazy with a $1.5 million on a $1,000 bet! This led to the game of Need or Greed where viewers got to earn some points. In the intermezzo, Rosh played a few spins on the Live Roulette and had several amazing wins! Before coming back to the bonus opening, there were some tips sent to people in the chat as well as those who follow him on Twitter. 

roshtein test streaming on

After the bonus opening session was finished successfully by overcoming the desired target of $1.2 million, it was time for Bonus Buys! He did a few bonuses on a Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play and then moved to the Wanted Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Game for some base game spins. Hacksaw’s Wanted was spinning in the background while Rosh continued to tip the community members.        

Roshtein also made sure he tried out a new game Dogmasons by a fresh provider on the iGaming scene called Popiplay. He enjoyed playing it! Rosh really appreciated the fact that the bonus buy is 75x and that win multiplier is shown after every win but he also wished the higher bet size was possible ($100 being the highest at the moment). Although highly volatile, the Dogmasons slot did provide a couple of very good wins!

The test stream on ended with a couple of Duel bonuses on Wanted Dead or a Wild slot. After that, he did another tipping session for the viewers. In the end, Roshtein said he appreciated everybody who joined him for this test stream! He had a brief talk with the community members watching him saying that although it was good and important for him to move away from the stream for some time, he did miss chatting with them. He expressed his sincere thanks for being there with him for the night!       


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