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roshtein dressed as a bunny
roshtein dressed as a bunny

Roshtein's Easter Streaming Special

Roshtein's Easter streaming special was all about fun, games, and rewards!

Roshtein Twitch channel followers were able to enjoy a special Easter stream yesterday! The most popular casino streamer ensured the community members get top-notch holiday entertainment with wild egg hunts, a big bonus opening, gift points, and other perks. Overall, it was one big eggciting Easter stream!!! 

roshtein in a bunny suit

The Easter special started with ‘Roshi Bunny’, a fresh Poppinbuckets song created especially for this streaming session. With the uplifting and joyful beats blasting, Roshtein appeared on the green meadow dancing in a full-on bunny suit. The chat went wild!!! They were loving the vibe, giving claps to both Rosh and amazing Poppinbuckets. Once the song ended, Roshtein wished Happy Easter to all the viewers and promised them an exceptional casino streaming experience with some exciting twists and turns.   

Unique Egg or Beg Bonus Mini-Game  

Roshtein prepared 132 bonuses for this holiday episode on Twitch and viewers were given a chance to guess the average X and place a bet on one of 10 groups presented. GTB or Guess the Balance competition was also open on Discord and the winner was able to look forward to a free bonus buy where they get to keep half of the profits. 

roshtein and happy easter logo

Before kick-starting the bonus opening, Rosh explained what Egg or Beg game is all about. Based on a Need or Greed mini-game that’s included in Roshtein’s everyday streams, the Egg or Beg is giving players a chance to win a Mystery Prize. 

The game is activated every time a bonus brings a win of 300x or more. Viewers in chat got to choose whether they want the option Egg or the option Beg. The first one guaranteed 200 points and 1 egg. The Beg option was more for risk-takers - they could win up to 600 points and 3 eggs but they could also lose it all. 

roshtein and egg or beg game

The Mystery Prize was revealed at the end of the bonus opening - $5000 to one lucky person and 5,000 points to all. However, Rosh decided to add more to the special holiday winning mix and make it more exciting - Bonus Buy for $5,000 and the profit shared with one lucky winner. 

Roshtein’s Easter Special Big Wins  

Although there were no record-breaking wins during Roshtein’s Easter special, it doesn’t mean there were no wins worth mentioning. Wanted Dead or a Wild, a slot on which Roshtein holds the biggest win record, brought in a stunning $510,000 during the Duel at Dawn bonus round. Thanks to this win, all the viewers were rewarded with 500 points.     

roshtein and his big win on snakes and ladders

There was also $111,500 won in a bonus round of Rock Vegas slot by Pragmatic Play and $381,500 on Snakes & Ladders, another Pragmatic Play game, on a $1,000 bet size. Gladiator Legends, Hacksaw Gaming’s release, hit over 100x and added $193,500 to the Rosh’s balance. 

Poppinbuckets Joins Roshtein 

Another surprise was when the one and only Poppinbuckets, the creator of casino streaming hits such as Roshi Toshi Oh La La, joined Roshtein via Discord. The two men talked about music and slots and then Poppinbuckets took over the stream while Rosh was having a bite to eat. This gave people in the chat an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the guy who made the streams even more fun with his catchy music. 

Check Out Popular Poppinbuckets Songs

They found out that he is a sports fan and that Party of The Fruit, the song he created for Roshtein about legendary Fruit Party slot, is his favorite. Talking about the songs he creates for Rosh, he said it started as a sign of appreciation for what Roshtein is doing on Twitch. He added the song to Discord, it caught on so he continued writing. Also, he mentioned he was a streamer before but now he is all about supporting other streamers on Twitch. When it comes to food, he’s very fond of fish and chips while tartar is his favorite sauce. Unsurprisingly, people also wanted to know about the music Poppin is listening to at the moment and his favorites are Arcade Fire “My body is a cage” and The Killers “The Man”.   

This Easter special was one of the best streams ever created in the amazing Roshtein’s production kitchen. Not only was it extremely entertaining but it was really rewarding - the viewers were able to collect a hefty batch of points by the end. And some of them won cash prizes as well. The Poppinbuckets taking over for a while was a great surprise. Overall, the Easter stream was full of amusing and exciting moments and it strengthened the community and brought its members even closer together. 

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