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Roshtein Wins $17.5 Million & Sets a New Record

30 Mar 2022

The largest win EVER for the leading casino streamer on Twitch.

Roshtein reaches new casino streaming heights by landing a record-breaking win - $17.5 million!!! This is his biggest win to date!!! And to make things even more interesting, this amazing hit happened during the one single spin in the base game on a now legendary Hacksaw Gaming release - Wanted Dead or a Wild. Before this win last night, the record was set at $16.6 million back in February 2022 while betting on the same Hacksaw game. 

roshtein wins 17 million dollars

Spinning the Wanted slot on a $1.500 bet, Roshtein was feeling a bit down with his balance sinking to $500,000 from $2.3 million. After opening a Dead Man’s Hand bonus round that was hunted before the stream started, Rosh and his good casino streaming friend DeuceAce decided to go for a Split Nation on the same slot. But with things not working out so well for them and Duel bonuses generally producing weak wins, Roshtein decided to try out his luck in the base game.    

At the end of the 9th streaming hour, Roshtein was feeling pretty depleted but you know what people say - when you least expect it, good things happen! All of a sudden, there were 5 VS symbols on the grid and Rosh got his mojo back. He jumped up from his chair and looked at the screen in pure excitement as the multiplier values started appearing one by one. The magical VS combo to bring him $17.5 million was 4x, 2x, 3x, 25x, and 5x. 

Watch Roshtein Win $17.5 Million:

When the number $17,550,000 appeared on the screen and the realization that he just set his new record downed on him, Roshtein just kept repeating “Oh! My! God!!!”. Honestly, until your brain fully processes the information of what just happened, there’s not much you can do and say. After all, this was a historic moment in Rosh’s casino streaming career. He was shaking from the excitement, still not believing that he could land such a massive hit in the base game. 

After a few minutes, Roshtein replayed this legendary moment, laughing at his own reaction when the win landed. DeuceAce was teasing his friend, saying: “Your reaction is hilarious. You’ve become Hulk Hogan!” Laughing at Jay’s comment, Rosh admitted that every time these huge wins happen, he doesn’t remember what he did and said. That’s why watching those clips is extra fun.   

roshtein celebrating the full screen of vs symbols

Roshtein also went to see what was DeuceAce’s reaction to his win as they were sharing screens at the time. Just like in Rosh’s case, Jay was in a pretty somber mood until he saw his friend’s colossal win. The smile on his face was indicative of just how happy he is for his friend at that movement. 

Although Roshtein was contemplating finishing the stream right then - “With a win like this, I sure can’t surpass it! Leave the casino while you’re ahead!” but he decided to stick around till the bonus lands. After all, they were hunting a bonus when this major win landed in the base game. But before he started the hunt, Rosh made sure his loyal followers were rewarded with 1,000 points. That’s double than usual but it was a special moment after all. 

Luckily, it didn’t take him long to get the Duel at Dawn bonus round. And in 9 free spins played, he ended up in a bonus round with extra $128,850 added to his balance. After the Duel round, Rosh called it a night. 

Breaking Casino Streaming Records 

Roshtein keeps pushing the limits and breaking the records of casino streaming on Twitch. This last $17.5 million win is his best one yet but knowing him, you can be sure he’ll try and surpass this one as well. No matter how soon that happens, you can bet this stunning Wanted Dead or a Wild win will stay in people's minds for a really long time. This was entertainment at its finest!!!


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