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roshtein and rapper anuel smiling
roshtein and rapper anuel smiling

Roshtein Teams Up with Popular Rapper Anuel for an Epic Gaming and Music Experience on

  • ​🎰 Roshtein and popular Latin rapper Anuel team up in a live stream Miami's Sony studio.
  • 🎶 Roshtein's expertise in gambling mixed with Anuel's enchanting personality, provide a unique entertainment experience for viewers worldwide.
  • 🎲 Anuel ventured into the world of online slots under Roshtein's guidance, later showcasing his own roulette betting strategies.
  • 🏆 With interactive elements like chat raffles, Roshtein rewarded the loyal viewers, enhancing community engagement.
  • 📖 Anuel shared personal stories, connecting with the audience beyond music and gambling, while the event highlighted the fusion of different entertainment forms.

In an unprecedented live streaming event, casino streamer Roshtein joined forces with popular Latin rapper Anuel for an exhilarating casino and music session broadcasted directly from Miami. Roshtein teased the TROOPS with the special Miami stream and a mystery guest during his 8th anniversary but no one was able to predict this crazy-good gamba-rap collaboration. 

Unprecedented Streaming Collab in Miami's Sony Studio

The setting for this one-of-a-kind streaming session was none other than a premium space within one of Sony's prestigious studios, offering a backdrop that perfectly complemented the night's gaming vibe. The chat exploded with excitement when Anuel stepped into the studio, joining Roshtein. 

roshtein and anuel having a good time on stream

Roshtein’s community was primed for an episode filled with fantastic music and top-tier gambling action. While Anuel is not as well-versed in the gambling world, his enthusiasm for roulette is well-known. However, the world of online slots was relatively new to him, and who better to introduce him to it than Roshtein, reputed for his unmatched slot-playing prowess.

Hot Streaming Night - Playing Slots, Blackjack, & Roulette

The evening kicked off with a celebratory note as Roshtein and Anuel shared a shot of tequila. Following this, Roshtein offered Anuel a quick tutorial on one of the most popular slot games, Roshtein’s favorite and record-breaker - Wanted Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming. But the main attraction for the night was the live casino games! 

roshtein and anuel playing wanted dead or a wild slot

Although not Roshtein’s domain in the same way as slots, live gambling has been included in Roshtein’s streams and popular live roulette and blackjack games have delivered in more than a few occasions massive wins. Blackjack was the first game Rosh and Anuel tackled, though luck seemed elusive at the blackjack tables. 

roshtein and anuel playing live roulette

Not deterred, the duo shifted their focus to Roulette, Anuel's favorite game, showcased on Stake.US. Regular viewers of Roshtein know that he usually bets on 17, his favorite number, but in this unique session, he stepped back to let Anuel share his roulette strategy. It was a refreshing change to see them alternate bets between black and red, a method quite different from Roshtein's usual strategy.

Gaming Fusion & Community Engagement

The global audience was glued to their screens, enjoying not just the gambling but also the vibrant beats playing in the background. Anuel took the opportunity to share personal anecdotes, including the story behind his first major hit that catapulted him to the top of the Latin music charts. Meanwhile, Roshtein demonstrated his generous spirit by conducting chat raffles, giving back to the dedicated TROOPS who make his streaming community so vibrant.

This collaboration between Roshtein and Anuel on was more than just a gambling session; it was a fusion of two different entertainment worlds - music, and gaming - that offered viewers an unforgettable experience. The blend of Roshtein's gambling expertise and Anuel's musical flair created a unique spectacle that resonated with fans across the globe, showcasing the power of combining different entertainment realms to create something truly special.


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