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roshtein and jay celebrating roshtein's anniversary
roshtein and jay celebrating roshtein's anniversary

Celebrating 8 Years of Thrills: Roshtein's Streaming Anniversary

  • 🎰 Roshtein marked 8 years of streaming with a max win on Wanted and shared his gratitude.
  • 🌟 New website features were unveiled to enhance the experience for the TROOPS. 
  • 🎟️ Special $41,000 Subscription Raffle with 50 winners.
  • 🎲 Roshtein hits a $7.2 million win on Plinko and other massive prizes during the stream.
  • 📢 New interactive segment introduced by Roshtein & Jay for deeper community engagement.

This year marks a momentous milestone in Roshtein’s career: 8 years of streaming slot games. The celebration of this anniversary was nothing short of spectacular, reflecting the passion and dedication Roshtein has for his community and the world of online slots.

Crazy Anniversary Stream Start - Max Win on Wanted Slot!!! 

The stream kicked off with a bang, capturing the essence of what makes Roshtein's broadcasts so captivating. A max win on the popular Wanted slot set the tone for the event - the jaw-dropping $5 million win due to full screen on the most popular online slot. Now that’s what you call a KLEEN win!!! This victory wasn't just a win for Roshtein; it was a shared moment of triumph with his viewers, who have been with him through every spin and win. 

roshtein winning max win on wanted during anniversary

This stunning explosion on Wanted Dead or a Wild reels happened during a Tournament #390 during which the legendary Hacksaw Gaming slot was facing Starlight Princess 1000 by Pragmatic Play. The Expanding Wilds with Multiplies took the whole screen and made it burst with a powerful and unforgettable win. Roshtein’s friends Jay and Adam, slot streamers the TROOPS have come to know and love over the years, came barging in, jumping and laughing with his friend for this amazing accomplishment.       

Adam and Jay joining Roshtein’s anniversary festivities added a personal touch to the celebration, highlighting the strong bonds formed through years of shared experiences in the streaming world. Laughter, stories, and camaraderie filled the air, making the event feel more like a gathering of close friends than a mere online stream.

Adding a musical flair to the occasion was Poppinbuckets, known for creating the signature sounds that accompany Roshtein's streams. Dialing in to join the fun, Poppinbuckets contributed to the celebratory atmosphere with a new song, infusing the stream with rhythm and beats that perfectly complemented the night's jubilant mood. 

Roshtein Introduces New Website Features 

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of new features on Roshtein's website, designed to enhance the viewer experience and bring additional value to the TROOPS - the name affectionately given to Roshtein's followers. These new features promise to deliver more entertainment, perks, and opportunities for engagement, further cementing the bond between Roshtein and his community

Rosh Exchange is the biggest and most important addition to the website! Finally, users will be able to exchange all those Twitch points accumulated over the years of watching Roshtein play slots for Rosh Coin and use it in a fun and exciting way! How? On Roshtein’s new website -! 

RoshPlay is in essence a social casino where Roshtein community members will be able to play some of the best online slots without spending any real money. The only currency allowed on RoshPlay is RoshCoin which can only be earned by exchanging Twitch and Kick points on Rosh Exchange. The new website is a great example of Roshtein’s dedication to providing the community with top-tier entertainment and a proper investment in further deepening the bond he has with the TROOPS. 

Average X - Big Comeback of Popular Stream Feature! 

Community members who have been long-time Roshtein viewers commented on more than a few occasions that they would love to see the Average X feature back and included in the stream. The comments didn’t go unnoticed and Roshtein made sure the one of the new features being added to the website for the 8 year anniversary is Average X.  

roshtein presenting new website features on anniversary stream

Starting last night, aside from highly popular GTW, community members can also place their prediction on AVG X result of the Bonus Hunt opening. They get to predict the range of the final result of the bonus hunt opening by picking and “betting” on one of 10 available groups in the AVG X section of the website. Those who have made the right call when predicting the AVG X result will of course be rewarded!!! 

Chat Raffles Results Available on The Website! 

Another amazing addition to the website for Roshtein’s anniversary stream was Chat Raffles’ results now being on full display! Wanting to ensure a full transparency when it comes to the winners of popular Chat Raffles, Rosh made sure users can follow who were the winners in real time as well as go through the archive of the previous chat raffles.      

Special $41,000 Subscription Raffle for Roshtein's 8th Anniversary! 

In November 2023, due to big demands from the community, Roshtein added the Subscription button to his Kick channel! Before this Roshtein never had a Subscription button as he didn’t want to take any money from people who watch his streams. However, the community voted “Yes” and Subscription became available. But Rosh added a little personal touch to it, a nice little twist! 

All subscription money is being collected and once every 3 months returned back to the users via special raffle. The 8th anniversary was the first time this Sub Raffle was organized and 50 lucky winners got to divide the amazing prize of $41,000!

Aside from this special Subscription Raffle, users were able to join regular raffles and win great prizes. The raffles were organized throughout the entire duration of the stream with over 250 winners! 

Night of Big Wins - $7.2 Million on Plinko! 

After that amazing hit on Wanted at the start of the anniversary stream, Roshtein didn’t expect for a grand prize to land again that night but that’s exactly what happened! The usually stingy Pilnko delivered in the big way with a 1,000x hit on a $7,200 bet and a massive $7.2 million win during Roshtein and Jay’s Splitnation part of the stream. Roshtein couldn’t believe it when it landed! It was a truly special night for both him and the community!!! 

Zeus VS Hades slot by Pragmatic Play was also very generous with a breathtaking $3.4 million win in a bonus round! Organic Duel on Wanted brought in another $800,000 as well as a little over $900,000. It's fair to say Wanted was on fire!!! Buffalo Stack ‘N’ Sync by Hacksaw delivered a major 1,630x win, adding $815,000 to the balance.  

Special Announcement by Roshtein & Jay! 

Roshtein and Jay had a special announcement for the end of the stream! Community members will also get to enjoy, from time to time, a special section of the stream where Rosh and Jay will be talking about pretty much everything! No topics will be off limits! 

roshtein and jay laughing during anniversary stream

Roshtein was a bit reluctant to call it a podcast, because it won’t  really be a podcast given its planned short form (around 30 minutes), but that’s probably the closest thing to a podcast Rosh could do. There is no particular schedule as of now. Guys will do it once or twice a week and will see how things develop. The point of the entire thing is to bring the community even closer together, get to know each other a bit better and have fun! 

Here’s to Many More Streams to Come!!! 

Throughout the 14-hour streaming marathon, the community's engagement was palpable. Viewers had fun listening to the banter between Roshtein and Jay, enjoying the lighthearted and humorous interactions that are a hallmark of Roshtein's streams. It was a celebration not just of one man's achievements but of a community united by a shared love for gaming and entertainment.

Roshtein's 8-year anniversary stream was a celebration of persistence, passion, and the power of community, marking yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of one of the internet's most beloved casino streamers. As Roshtein continues to entertain and engage with his audience, one thing is clear: the game is far from over and the best is to come!!!

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