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roshtein's win on wanted dead or a wild

Roshtein Lands $1.5 Million Win on Wanted

10 Oct 2023

Roshtein's latest $1.5 million win on popular Hacksaw slot!

In a stunning display of luck and skill, Roshstein notched a breathtaking victory, securing a colossal $1.5 million windfall. The magic unfolded on the popular online slot game, Wanted Dead or a Wild, where free spins and Expanding Wilds coalesced to turn the digital reels into a canvas of fortune.

roshtein winning 1.2 million on wanted free spins

It was during the enrapturing free spins bonus game that Roshtein's fate was delightfully sealed. As the reels spun with anticipation, the air thick with suspense, Expanding Wilds graced the second, third, and fourth reel carrying the multipliers 9x, 20x, and 6x and transforming the streamer’s luck. As the symbols aligned, a magnificent payout of $1,260,000 showered the screen in glory.

roshtein looking at the wanted slot expanding wild multipliers

Yet, fortune hadn’t finished smiling. On the subsequent spin, Expanding Wilds, wielding 10x, 4x, and 5x multipliers, adorned the reels 1, 2, and 4. Another remarkable payout of $213,750 cascaded down, marking another legendary moment in Roshtein’s casino streaming career and slots streaming history. Roshtein's adept play and the gracious touch of lady luck culminated in an end result of $1,515,900, a staggering 2,021x the initial bet

roshtein win in one free spin on wanted

The streaming community and fans worldwide bore witness to this extraordinary moment, where destiny, skill, and the enigmatic charm of Wanted Dead or a Wild converged. Each spin was a dance of fate, and every Expanding Wild a testament to the indomitable spirit of fortune that defines the captivating world of online casinos. 

However, this was not the biggest win Roshtein landed while spinning these Wild West-inspired reels. His biggest win on Wanted Dead or a Wild, also Roshtein biggest win EVER, was in 2022 when he landed an epic $18.7 million!    

Roshtein's latest win on Wanted is not just a testament to the unpredictable and thrilling nature of online slots but also an embodiment of the mesmerizing dance between chance and destiny. It exemplifies the undying allure of casino gaming, where in the blink of an eye, lives are transformed, and dreams morph into splendid reality. In the world of online casinos, as Roshstein so spectacularly showcased, every spin holds the promise of a new dawn, a fresh beginning, and a world of untapped possibilities.


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