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roshtein in an easter bunny costume
roshtein in an easter bunny costume

Roshtein’s Exclusive Easter Stream: Big Spins, Big Wins, And Everything In Between!

  • 🎮 Roshtein conducted a 9-hour Easter gaming marathon, achieving significant wins and entertaining TROOPS dressed as an Easter Bunny.
  • 🎰 The stream featured various slot games with substantial wins, including a $406,000 jackpot in Zeus VS Hades God Of War.
  • 🐰 The Easter Bunny offered viewers a special Bonus Hunt #1088 adding excitement and rewards to the session.
  • 🎉 A major win occurred during live roulette - Roshtein landed $1.8 million.
  • 🙏 The session concluded successfully after 9 hours, with Roshtein expressing gratitude to his viewers and marking another memorable streaming event.

The often imitated, never duplicated Roshtein was back in action on March 31 with another epic gaming marathon for Easter celebration. The gambling stream session was an interesting one, with Easter Sunday bringing with it some extra-large wins!

roshtein easter special

What else went down during the nearly 9 hours of relentless casino action? Let’s get right into it. 

Lighting The Slots Ablaze With The Easter Bunny

The first few hours of the latest edition of Roshtein’s live stream on Kick were relatively quiet, with a Rosh pretty much breaking even in titles such as Fist of Destruction, Fire In The Hole 2, Rip City, Bouncy Bombs, Immortal Cube Rosh, Le Bandit, D-Day, and Tombstone R.I.P. Many were wondering if the Easter Bunny would make it to the stream, but he didn’t show up until around half-time of the live slots stream. Once on stream, Easter Bunny was greeted with raucous positivity and he kicked off the amazing gaming party!

Right off the bat, Easter Bunny Roshtein offered his viewers double money or double winners duringBonus Hunt #1088 (meaning that there would either be double the amount of winners or the winners would get double the money) and the rewards just piled on from there. Some silly dances followed some serious wins, as well as the now standard Chat Raffles that look to reward Rosh’s TROOPS for their loyalty and viewership.  

However, what was to come soon couldn’t have been anticipated by anyone! For a while it seemed like this would turn out to be one of those slot sessions where there wouldn’t be any major hits, that Rosh might succeed in reaching the break even line but not more than that. However, the streaming session took an unexpected turn. The more Rosh played, the more profit he won. The wins kept getting bigger and bigger, with Roshtein topping out at a $406,000 win in Zeus VS Hades God Of War. More hits followed, with a $281,000 hit in Power of Merlin Megaways being the highlight. 

Next, Roshtein turned to Muertos Multiplier Megaways, which was the slot that netted him $1 million during the stream the day before. Roshtein wasn’t as lucky this time, but he did hit a $100,000 win as well. Who says the dead don’t pay, eh?!  

Winning On Live Roulette - $1.8 Million

The next move was to place bets on Live Roulette. Although it was gloomy for quite some time during the stream, the Azure Roulette wheel turned in Roshtein’s favor, dropped to 17, and netted him a cool $1.8 million

roshtein in bunny costume winning on roulette

As he was celebrating, though, the unthinkable happened - the Roulette wheel dropped a 16, and then another 17 - all numbers that Rosh was playing every spin, except for those! Out of frustration, Roshtein gave up on roulette and moved on to other games, but he just couldn’t let those missed numbers go and soon returned to a VIP Roulette. And guess what? First spin of the wheel, and another $1.15 million in the bank!

Closing A Successful Gambling Session With Roshtein

With another successful gambling session under his belt, Roshtein decided to call it a night after 9 hours of nonstop streaming. He said thank you to the TROOPS, without whom none of this would be possible, and expressed his internal gratitude to all the people who watch and enjoy his streams. It was a great Easter streaming extravaganza with breathtaking wins, legendary moments, and lots of laughs!!!

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