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Interview | Roshtein Talks Sports Betting & Biggest Wins

Find out what is Roshtein's sports betting strategy, biggest win, and favorite sport to bet on!

Roshtein is known for his masterful slot-spinning skills but not many people know that his sports betting escapades are just as exciting! Over the years, he did reveal on a few casino streaming occasions that he enjoys betting on sports and that he particularly loves placing bets on the big global events such as the Super Bowl or UEFA European Championship. 

He was very active during the recently finished FIFA World Cup in Qatar, placing sport bets every day and even entering a little competition with Drake for the finals between France and Argentina. And for “the best community on the planet”, his loyal TROOPS, Roshtein organized a special World Cup 2022 Guessing Game where the 50 most successful players got a share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Now that the biggest sporting event of the year has ended and Roshtein prepares to kick off another casino streaming year in grand style, it was time to dive a bit deeper into his passion for sports betting.    

Roshtein Answers Sports Betting Questions 

Richard: Ok, let’s start with a simple one - what are your favorite sports to bet on? 

Roshtein: Football by far! It’s always been my favorite sport since I also used to play it as a kid!

Richard: Do you have some sports betting strategy or do you go with your gut feeling?

Roshtein: A mix of odds and gut feeling, I’m looking for the big wins!

Richard: What was your biggest win and your biggest loss on sports? 

Roshtein: Biggest loss was on the World Cup final in Qatar this year when betting against Drake on France to win it - $1.000.000 loss! Most profitable bet was on the World Cup - $828.776 on a $100.000 bet. Biggest win was in the Super Bowl, Los Angeles Rams to win it - $1.480.000 won, but on a $1.000.000 bet.

Richard: Do you remember placing your first sports bet? What were the teams and how big was the bet?

Roshtein: The first sports bet I ever made was 2 April 2008, when Fenerbahce was playing Chelsea in the quarter finals of Champions League. I betted on Fenerbahce. They were down by 0-1 but the result eventually turned and they won by 2-1. Remember it like it was yesterday!

Richard: During World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Siggy and you uploaded your daily picks on the website. I joined from time to time but admittedly sports betting is not my forte. Between Siggy and you, who is better at sports betting? 

Roshtein: I’m probably a bigger risk-taker while Siggy is going by statistics and playing with low risk. However, he does win often, just his wins are not as big as mine. 

Richard: Do you think sportsbetting stream can be equally entertaining as a slots stream? And can we expect something like Roshtein’s sports betting stream in the future? 

Roshtein: If there is a possible way of watching the game you betted on together with the viewers, then absolutely! I’m looking into implementing a similar tournament as the World Cup Guessing Game on my website, but with Champions League instead. There will absolutely be more sports betting in the future! 

The Best is Yet to Come! 

New year, new casino streaming platform! Roshtein did a few test streams on and he already announced that he is going back to his old casino streaming schedule soon. Aside from playing top slots on the iGaming market, there are also some big things cooking regarding sports betting! So, enjoy your winter holidays and get ready for a daily boost of the ultimate casino streaming entertainment!