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roshtein happy for winning in bowery boys bonus round
roshtein happy for winning in bowery boys bonus round

Huge $2.1 Million Win for Roshtein in Bowery Boys Slot Bonus Round

Explosive bonus round on Bowery Boys during Roshtein's live stream!

Roshtein lands a huge $2 million win while playing The Bowery Boys slot by Hacksaw Gaming! It all went down while Roshtein was engrossed in The Bowery Boys bonus game on a $500 bet.   

Roshtein has long been famed for his electrifying online presence with thousands of viewers perpetually locked onto his every move, celebrating with him all of his ups and offering supporting words during the downs. The opening of the Bonus Hunt #994 was filled with fun and not-so-fun moments but the winning explosion of the popular Hacksaw release The Bowery Boys produced the most memorable moment from the casino streaming session - a $2,189,200 jackpot! 

roshtein winning $2.1 million on bowery boys

Amidst the vibrant landscape of The Bowery Boys game, a synthesis of skill and luck culminated in a euphoric climax. Each spin of the reels accentuated the escalating anticipation and the tension was thick and palpable while Roshtein and the viewers watched one free spins after another. And then all of a sudden the symbols aligned! 

The realization on Roshtein's face was noticeable! The Key symbol was there to open all the Safes on the reels, unlocking the cash rewards, while the Dynamite symbols’ bursts pushed a multiplier higher and higher. The only thing Rosh was able to say was: “Oh my God!!! Huge! Big! Big money! Big money!” before the jackpot of $2 million flashed on the screen! 

roshtein looking at the bowery boys key symbols

The electrifying energy surged through cyberspace, chat burst with congratulations from his viewers while Roshtein was laughing and jumping in the studio. This is unequivocally Roshtein’s biggest win and biggest multiplier of the October 2023 stream on Kick.   

Roshtein ended the opening of The Bowery Boys bonus with a $2,189,200 win and a 4,378x multiplier! Although Roshtein has managed to land a max win on The Bowery Boys before and treat viewers with a special Bowery Boys Cosplay Stream, wins big like this one are always adrenaline-induced experiences especially for passionate slot players like Roshtein.  

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