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Twitch Points on - Staying or Not?!

  • 🎉 Twitch Points Remain on Despite the introduction of Kick Points, Twitch Points will continue to be a valid currency on the website
  • No Plans for Removal: Roshtein and the team assure users that there are no plans to remove Twitch Points from the site
  • 🎟️ Raffle Participation: Twitch Points can still be used for entering raffles
  • 🔁 Conversion Options: Users have the flexibility to convert Twitch Points into other currencies available on
  • 🛍️ Store Accessibility: The Roshtein website's store will continue accepting Twitch Points
  • 🌟 Enhanced User Experience: The multi-currency system with both Twitch and Kick Points offers more options and flexibility

In the wake of recent activation of Kick points on Roshtein’s website, many users were asking about the fate of Twitch points they have accumulated over the years of watching Roshtein’s streams. Are Twitch points staying or are they being removed from! The answer is - TWITCH POINTS ARE STAYING!   

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Up until the activation of Kick points on Roshtein’s 1-Year Anniversary on Kick streaming platform, the only currency available on were Twitch points. After all, that’s the only currency the community members were able to accumulate over the years of watching his streams. And with the introduction of Kick points, many got worried the Twitch points will have an expiration date on However, Roshtein and the team assure all community members there is NO PLAN TO REMOVE TWITCH POINTS from the website.      

Twitch Points are here to stay. Users can continue to use their accumulated points to participate in raffles, a feature that has been particularly popular among the community. These raffles offer exciting prizes, adding an extra layer of engagement and fun to the user experience. 

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Moreover, the versatility of Twitch Points extends beyond just raffles. Users have the option to convert these points into other currencies available on the website. This flexibility is a testament to Roshtein's commitment to providing a user-friendly and adaptable platform.

The Roshtein website's store, another integral feature, will also continue to support Twitch Points. Users can redeem their points for various items, services, or experiences, adding a tangible aspect to their online presence and activities.

In conclusion, the continuation of Twitch Points alongside Kick Points provides users with more options and flexibility, ensuring a richer and more rewarding experience on The Roshtein's decision to maintain both systems underscores its dedication to user satisfaction and its understanding of community needs.

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