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roshtein watching win on drop em slot
roshtein watching win on drop em slot

Roshtein Wins $1.6 Million on Drop Em Slot

New Hacksaw's slot Drop Em delivers huge win in the bonus round!

After a brief summer vacation on Mykonos, Roshtein is back streaming on Kick! Well-rested and in great mood, Rosh was back to his old ways - playing the most popular slots at Stake Casino. During his casino streaming escapades yesterday, Roshtein had a few significant wins but the one that stood out the most is without a doubt the $1.6 million jackpot on Drop Em slot by Hacksaw Gaming.   

roshtein playing drop em slot on kick

Drop Em game is the 3rd installment in Hacksaw’s series of online slots featuring Canny The Can and Mona The Mouse. This latest Hacksaw release is technically the upgraded version of Stack Em slot and it comes with interesting bonus features, completely fresh and unique, which makes it very appealing to all types of players and casino streamers. And the amazing win potential of 10,000x makes it even more attractive!!!  

Roshtein recognized the Drop Em game’s potential as well as well-crafted gameplay and took it for a spin! And it paid off big time!!! In the bonus round with only Wild left as a possible Drop Down symbol, Rosh hit the $1.6 million! 

roshtein smiling for 1.6 million win on drop em slot

With 2 free spins left to go on a $1,500 bet size, Drop mechanic got triggered and Wilds landed on the reels activating multiple winning lines and bringing in $1,498,350 win. The end result of the bonus round was an astonishing $1.638,600!!!   

The moment the Wild the reels and winning clusters started appearing Roshtein released what’s happening! And when the $1.4 million win appeared on the screen, he immediately jumped from his chair and started laughing and screaming “Heeey! Heeeey! Heeey!”. He was left speechless!  Even for a high-roller like him, $1.4 million is an enormous win! And it seems even bigger when the bonus round is going slow and spins are not delivering very much.     

Once the round ended, Roshtein had a huge smile plastered across his face! Saying his legendary “Just like that!”, Roshtein’s excitement was palpable due to this truly magnificent win! He was radiating good vibes and positivity! Although not his biggest win ever, Drop Em slot demonstrated that it has the potential to deliver skyrocketing jackpots, just like some other releases in Hacksaw's amazing gaming portfolio.    

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