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Roshtein Lands Personal Best Win on Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot

03 Oct 2022

Multipliers have aligned and led Roshtein to another record-breaking win!

A new Personal Best record was set by Roshtein during the bonus opening #806 - Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot cashed out $566,960 in the 10 free spins bonus round. 

Sweet Bonanza Xmas was listed as a bonus #26 for this opening, hunted on a $500 bet. Roshtein activated the bonus round consisting of 10 free spins and the reels started to spin with snow-covered candies falling into grid positions. The first 25 slots were pretty dead with none of the bonuses passing the 100x mark so the atmosphere was kind of on the low until the Sweet Bonanza Xmas bonus hit it big! 

Check out how to play and win on Sweet Bonanza Xmas anytime of year!

It didn’t take long for the Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot to pop like never before. On the 3rd free spin, thanks to the tumbling reels, the clusters of symbols brought in $7,960 but what made the win skyrocket are amazing multipliers. 50x, 3x, 12x, and 3x multipliers also dropped on the grid and took modest $7,960 won to the record-breaking $541,280.

Watch Roshtein Win Personal Best on Sweet Bonanza Xmas: 

The rest of the free spins were not so generous but still, Rosh managed to accumulate $566,960 at the end of free spins round. This win bumped the average multiplier for the bonus hunt from 38x to 80x which brought a smile to Rosh’s face. 

Before this amazing score, the record win for Sweet Bonanza Xmas was $229,650 (on a $1,250 bet) while the highest multiplier ever won was 742x. So, not only was this the highest win on Sweet Bonanza Xmas but it was also the highest multiplier ever to land - 1,133x, which is a significant rise from 742x multiplier.     

Of course, this Sweet Bonanza Xmas led to a nice batch of points for the viewers following Roshtein on Twitch at the time.


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