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casino streamer roshtein happy about the win

Roshtein Hits Jackpot with $1 Million Win at Live Blackjack

21 Nov 2023

  • 🎰 Casino streamer Roshtein wins $1M on live blackjack
  • 💰 Bold move: Puts $100K on each of 5 bets
  • 🃏 Doubles down to $200K, losing just one bet
  • 🌟 A thrilling display of high-stakes gambling!

Roshtein wins a staggering $1 million in a live blackjack game during his live streaming on Known for his high-stakes play, Roshtein took a bold approach by playing on five seats simultaneously, placing a hefty $100,000 chip on each. 

casino streamer roshtein happy about blackjack win

The tension was palpable as the dealer set the first two cards on the table. In a surprising move, Roshtein decided to double down on the first hand, raising his bet to an eye-watering $200,000. This gamble paid off handsomely, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Despite the high stakes, Roshtein's risk-taking was rewarded. Out of his five bets, he lost only one, thanks to the dealer going over 21. The other four bets paid out significantly - 1 produced $400,000 and remaining 3 delivered $200,000, culminating in a total win of $1 million. 

casino streamer roshtein playing live blackjack

Roshtein roared when the win showed up in the middle of the screen! He roared and immediately left the Live Blackjack table and transferred to online slots. Roshtein didn’t want to keep testing his luck there and risk losing it all. After all, he knows better than anyone how fast a $1 million balance can melt when handled by a high-roller. So, you need to have a goal and you need to know when to quit!    

Unpredictable and thrilling nature of high-stakes gambling is one of the reasons why people from all over the world love watching Roshtein stream. His success story is sure to inspire both seasoned gamblers and newcomers to the world of casino streaming, where anything can happen, and fortunes can change in an instant.


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