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Roshtein is Back - Streaming on Kick & Twitch Simultaneously

16 Jan 2023

Roshtein's first live in 2023 streamed on both Kick and Twitch at the same time!

Roshtein’s daily streams are back! After months of traveling abroad, Roshtein has returned to his studio in Malta and to his old daily schedule. Even more than that, he raised the casino streaming bar once again by deciding to stream on both Twitch and Kick platforms at the same time

Although people were able to follow Roshtein’s adventures in Canada and in Turks and Caicos, enjoy a couple of amazing streams done in collaboration with Drake and a special New Year’s Eve stream with the fireworks, nothing beats the daily streams. It was obvious that the TROOPS missed him but they also understand the need to step back a bit and have some relaxing time. Known for his crazy streaming schedule with rarely any days off, Roshtein definitely deserved a longer vacation to recharge. Still, Roshtein was eager and happy to get back to his old ways! 

Streaming on Kick & Twitch Simultaneously

The decision to stream slots on both Kick and Twitch at the same time is not really surprising to anyone who has been following Rosh. The man is one of the hardest working streamers around and always wants to provide his viewers with more high-quality content! In that regard, simultaneously streaming on 2 platforms fits the bill perfectly. 

roshtein first stream in 2023

During the stream he said that he doesn’t want to abandon Twitch for several reasons, major ones being - feeling a certain kind of loyalty towards Twitch because that’s where his casino streaming career started and also feeling loyalty towards people who were following him on Twitch but don’t feel like going to another platform. However, the viewers on different platforms will watch 2 completely different streams! 

Roshtein will stream on 2 platforms but viewers will have access to a completely different content depending on the platform they are watching. Of course, this all has to do with the Twitch regulations that were put in place in October 2022. Viewers on this platform will get to enjoy a more “conservative” take on casino streaming while Kick viewers are going to have a chance to watch the “standard” version of Roshtein’s streams - opening bonuses, buying bonuses, and so on. The idea for the Twitch stream is for it to work like Farm of The Week where he’s going to play one slot and keep track of the number of bonuses won.  

roshtein streaming wanted slot

For his first 2023 stream on Twitch, Roshteind decided to spin the reels on the Dog House slot on a $100 bet. On the other side, stream on Kick started with playing Wanted Dead or a Wild slot on a $1,500 bet. After that it was time for good ol’ Bonus Opening - 50 bonuses were opened and there were some pretty exciting wins and some new records set! 

Bonus Buys on Kick.Com 

Bonus Buys were next with Rosh trying out slots that came out while he was away. Hacksaw’s Rotten was “depressing” at first but Roshtein kept coming back to it and it paid $1.2 million in the end. RIP City showed that it has a potential so he stuck to it until it delivered something substantial. Popiplay’s Angry Fruits slot started delivering big wins after the first couple of bonus rounds but the game is like a rollercoaster in terms of X values it rewards its players. But that’s what makes it more fun and immersive! It was obvious from Roshtein’s smile just how much he enjoyed the game. 

With that huge win on Rotten, Roshtein decided to leave it on the good note and call it quits for the day! Four-hour streams are not his usual thing as viewers are used to seeing him stream for much longer periods of time but as Rosh said it himself “It’s been a bit overwhelming!” He is back in his studio after months and the fact that he is doing 2 streams at the same time on 2 different platforms is fantastic but it takes some getting used to. 

For the end of the stream Roshtein, wanted to express just how grateful he is to all the people who showed up for him: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for having my back! I love you all! ” Over 20,000 people joined his “comeback” stream on while over 10,000 viewers joined him on Twitch. It was definitely one of the most memorable Roshtein streams but certainly not the last.


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