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red and white play button as the live page icon
red and white play button as the live page icon

Live Page Activated - Watch Twitch & Kick Streams on Roshtein's Website

  • 🔗 Stream both Twitch and Kick streams in one place!
  • 🖱️ Easy Navigation: Switch between platforms with a click!
  • 🚀 Elevating User Experience: Enjoy premium streaming effortlessly!
  • 🎉 Upcoming Raffles Feature: Plan ahead and join the fun on time!
  • ⏰ Countdown Clock: Never miss a raffle with advanced scheduling!

Starting today, all website users get to enjoy Roshtein’s live Twitch and Kick streams directly on That’s right! You have both streams on the same Live page so there is no need to go to 2 different websites to watch Roshtein stream slots.

live page on roshtein website

The Live Page has been added to the Stream section and represents another amazing website upgrade that provides for even better user experience. When you go to the Stream section, click on the Live icon and you will be transferred to the completely new page where streams are being hosted. This amazing website feature comes in handy especially now when Roshtein is streaming on both Twitch and Kick simultaneously

Users get to switch between Roshtein’s Twitch and Kick accounts with just one click of the mouse. There are two buttons at the top of the live stream window with the names of the platforms and it’s up to you to choose which one you prefer watching. Or you can simply duplicate the website window and watch each of them at the same time and have a premium casino streaming experience.   

live page on roshtein website

The addition of the Live page confirms once again Roshtein’s dedication in creating a website that’s going to be the ultimate casino streaming hub. This is just the latest in the line of amazing upgrades that have been integrated to in the last year and every single one of them has been done to elevate the experience of the TROOPS. From the moment the new website was activated, Roshtein ensured it is an ever-developing ecosystem that’s going to provide users with entertaining, engaging, and educative content.  

Upcoming Raffles Feature 

Aside from the Live page, users now also have access to the Upcoming Raffles feature. Up until now website users were able to go to the Raffles page in the Community section, enter any of the active Club $69 Raffles and win $69 on Stake or enter a special raffle for a chance to win a Discord call with Rosh and choose slots for the Tournament that would take place after the call ends. 

raffles page on

However, as of today, users can go to the Raffles page and find out in advance when the raffles will get activated. This gives them a chance to plan in advance when to go to the website if for any reason they are unable to follow Roshtein streaming live. Each raffle tab now has a countdown clock attached to it so users know hours in advance when they get to show up and join.    

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