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roshtein wins millions on zeus vs hades
roshtein wins millions on zeus vs hades

Roshtein Scoops $8.4 Million Win in Zeus VS Hades Gods of War Slot

  • 🎰 Epic Game: Roshtein starts the stream with Zeus VS Hades Gods of War, leading to big wins.
  • 🚀Stellar Start: Begins with 10 free spins, multipliers escalate excitement.
  • 💰 Big Win: Ends the free spins round with a stunning $8.4 million win.
  • 🎉 Celebration with the TROOPS: Roshtein's big win sparks a lively reaction from his community.

In another stunning show of gaming prowess, Roshtein once again proved why he's at the top of the streaming world. On Friday, May 10, a gripping four-hour stream saw him conquering the odds in dramatic fashion and winning a stunning $8.4 million on a popular Pragmatic Play slot games - Zeus VS Hades: Gods of War. 

roshtein wins $8.4 million on zeus vs hades slot

Starting with his characteristic determination, Roshtein declared, "Let’s get the job done!" and launched into spinning the reels on the Zeus VS Hades Gods of War slot by Pragmatic Play. The session started hot right off the bat with Roshtein playing 10 free spins in the bonus game and the multipliers quickly landing on the reels, ramping up the excitement.

As the game progressed, the winnings soared thanks to the 4 expanded Wild Multiplier setup of 3x, 3x, 2x, and 5x. With just four spins left, Roshtein had already secured $3.2 million. The final tally? A mind-blowing $8.4 million, pushing his balance past the $10 million mark. Overwhelmed with joy, Roshtein jumped up, exclaiming, "Oh my God, it’s organic, I’ll show you!" capturing the raw emotion of the moment.

The chat exploded with cheers from the TROOPS, celebrating the massive win by opening their golden satchels. Roshtein then went for another round of free spins, which, though less fruitful, didn't dampen the spirits. After vaulting $8 million, Roshtein continued the session, trying his luck at other games like Zombie Rabbit Invasion, Bonsai Banzai, and Rooster’s Revenge, but the peak of the night was undoubtedly his victory with Zeus VS Hades Gods of War slot.

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