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roshtein happy about winning 2.8 million on startlight princess 1000
roshtein happy about winning 2.8 million on startlight princess 1000

Roshtein Hits Majestic $2.8 Million Win on Starlight Princes 1000 Slot

1 base game spin, $2.8 million win!!!

Starlight Princess 1000 slot reels pop in a major way during Roshtein’s live stream on Kick and produce a majestic $2.8 million win! 

roshtein shocked at the win of 2.8 million on starlight princess 1000

Roshtein was playing Le Bandit free spins on the main screen and the Starlight Princess 1000 was playing in the background. Just when Rosh decided to move the screen where the Pragmatic Play’s popular release was playing so he could provide viewers with a better layout and better view of everything, he realized that there was a 250x multiplier on the reels. He got all excited and in a blink of an eye, the $2.8 million win showed up on screen! 

roshtein looking at the 250x multiplier

For a second or two Roshtein was totally lost! Shocked and completely taken aback about what just happened, he needed a few moments to recuperate.  

Oh my God!!! Wow! Wow! Wait!!!” - is all Roshtein was able to say after such an unexpected and massive win! Once he got back to his senses, he pushed the Starlight Princess 1000 slot to the main screen and went for the Replay button. And there at the Latest Wins tab, clear as day, you could see the stats - 2,850x win on a $1,000 bet which equals to the stunning $2,850,000 in one single spin in the base game! 

roshtein looking at the stats of his win

Roshtein hit the Replay button and was able to enjoy the whole process of this amazing win together with all the people in the chat. The win clusters kept coming down the reels, pushing till the win reached $11,400. And then the mighty 250x multiplier got in the mix catapulting Roshtein prize to the stunning $2.8 million!   

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