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Roshtein’s First Slots Stream in Canada

All about Roshtein's first casino stream from Toronto, Canada!

Roshtein has taken his slots stream to Canada! For the first time ever, Roshtein is casino streaming from any country other than Malta. So, this is a special event for him and for the community gathered around his Twitch channel.   

roshtein starting his first stream in canada

As soon as the stream started, it was obvious that people in the chat were as excited for Roshtein’s Canadian adventure as the man himself. The chat was exploding with the questions regarding Roshtein’s Canada trip - from what are Rosh’s thoughts of Toronto so far to what are his future stream plans. 

New Canadian Casino Streaming Studio 

Right from the moment Roshtein’s first Canadian stream started it was obvious that certain things are different! For example, Rosh opened the stream while sitting and the eagle-eyed chat was quick to notice that the microphone is visible which is not the case with his typical studio setup. However, he explained that the things are going to work a bit differently in his new studio since he doesn’t have as much space as in his studio in Malta but everything else stays pretty much the same. 

roshtein showing his new studio in canada

Although new, the equipment in the Toronto studio is the same as the one in Malta in terms of brands. Roshtein confessed that the only thing he brought from the original studio is his SSD Hard Drive. The famous, although always elusive, forever-intern Richard was in charge of making sure the things are working properly in the new place so he actually went to Canada 3 weeks before Rosh would arrive. During the 1st stream in Toronto, Richard made a short “appearance”, handing out Rosh a cup of coffee. 

Why did Roshtein Move to Canada? 

The community was very interested in the reasons behind Roshtein’s move to Canada. After all, Rosh is known as one of the hardest working streamers on Twitch that barely goes on a proper vacation so this is quite a radical move for him. So, why Canada?! 

Well, apparently the reason is quite simple - Rosh needed a change of scenery! After so many years on the small island, he was craving a more urban atmosphere. As Rosh himself said, he was so excited being in a big city after such a long time, he was taking photos pretty much every step of the way. However, he made sure to explain to the community that he is not going to stay in Canada forever. The plan is actually to be there for 2 - 3 months and then go back 

Toronto City Experience 

With Canada being so far away from Malta and the time difference, Roshtein didn’t stream for a few days but he made sure to keep the community up to date by frequently twitting. He was impressed how nice and amazing the people living in the city of Toronto are and was looking forward to this new episode in his streaming career. 

Being the most populous city in Canada, Toronto has a lot to offer. The quality of life Toronto provides is exactly what Rosh is craving for at the moment. Better selection of restaurants and all sorts of exciting events happening all over the place is promising an amazing and memorable experience to anyone who visits this North American city. 

However, Rosh was not impressed by the coffee quality so far but thankfully the community has his back! The Canadians in the chat jumped in to help him and gave him some valuable advice and which city spots he can hit for a good cup of hot java. Even Xposed, another famous Twitch casino streamer, showed up in chat and gave Rosh a few suggestions about some nice coffee places to check out while in Canada.

Overall, Toronto left a pretty good impression on Roshtein in the first few days of his stay there. As Rosh himself said: “I have a feeling I’ll have a hard time going back to Malta.” But whatever happens in the next 3 months, it’s certainly going to be a valuable experience with many thrilling moments. 

Canada Travel Plans 

So far, the only thing Roshtein has planned when it comes to his stay in Canada is how long it will last! Still, even with that, he’s unsure! What if he likes Toronto and doesn’t feel like going back to Malta?! Well, he’s not stressing about it too much. At the moment, he is actually more focused on taking advantage of his time in Canada as much as he can. 

He is looking for concerts and sport events that are worth going to. Also, he will probably go to New York. After all, being geographically that close to the Big Apple, it would be a shame not to visit the legendary city! He has 3 of his good friends there with him so the fun is almost guaranteed. 

roshtein big win on claocatra slot

The community was also very curious whether Sia is there with Roshtein but he said that it’s not too long of a stay to bring her with him. After all, the flight is so long, he feels like it would be too stressful for her. But there is no doubt that Sia will be cuddled like crazy while he’s away. She is staying this week with Jay while VonDice is probably going to take care of her the week after that and those guys are going to spoil her rotten.     

The question about co-streams with other popular casino streamers on Twitch was also asked and Roshtein was not dismissive of the idea but said that there is nothing planned at the moment. He said that even if the co-streams don’t happen, he will certainly meet with some casino streamers for drinks or a dinner.  

Overall, it was a great stream and the next 3 months seem promising for both Roshtein and the community. He gets to explore new places, enjoy new sceneries and recharge in a way while the community gets to join him via his social media accounts and see for themselves what Canada has to offer. So, ladies and gents, get ready for a new amazing casino streaming adventure!!!

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