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Roshtein's Groove - The Perfect Songs for Casino Streaming

Discover music classics and new hits on Roshtein's Spotify account.

Camera! Music! Stream! 

Stepping on the global streaming stage each day, Roshtein is determined to give his followers the best of him as an entertainer. Although focus is certainly primarily on his supreme betting chops and groundbreaking wins, Rosh has also become known as someone who has mean dancing moves. Music plays a big part in his daily casino streaming sessions on Twitch. It allows him to connect with his followers on another level, giving fans an insight into one part of his personality as well as the opportunity to discover some new musical artists and songs.  

Roshtein’s Spotify Groove

Some might say that music is Roshtein’s hype man. Each stream starts with a longer musical intro, giving his loyal viewers enough time to assemble and get ready to attack new casino streaming records and conquer new Personal Best-s. And during those hours while he is offline, Roshtein ensured his followers have access to his musical playlists on Spotify.   

Most Popular Spotify Playlists


At the moment, Rosh’s account on Spotify has more than 10,000 followers and 35 playlists containing songs of different music styles so pretty much anyone can find something they would like and enjoy. The list with the most likes (over 7,000) is called CASINO SMASH - ROSHTEIN and includes the songs of the icons like Michael Jackson, Prince, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley. However, this ultimate casino streaming mix also features the singles of modern musical performers such as Stromae, Portugal. The Man, and The Chainsmokers. Overall, this playlist presents listeners with some of the most popular songs in the last half a century or so.  

Listen CASINO SMASH - ROSHTEIN playlist on Spotify 


The second playlist on Roshtein’s Spotify account with the most followers (over 5,000) is simply called TWITCH - ROSHTEIN and it presents listeners with a more modern sound. Swedish artists such as Avichii, Pryda, and Elfenber are heavily featured on this list. Norwegian music star Finnebassen, known for his house tracks with melancholic undertones, is represented on the playlist with more than just a few songs. Overall, this playlist brings a more chill experience to a listener and serves as a great background music as it helps them focus on a task at hand. No wonder Rosh loves spinning slots to these tracks.       

Listen TWITCH - ROSHTEIN playlist on Spotify


The 1990s is the decade that produced some of the best music tracks ever! The ROSHTEIN 90s playlist stands on the 3rd place with over 3,000 likes and 54 songs that provide listeners with almost 4 hours of pure musical gold from the last decade of the 20th century. Coco Jamboo  by Mr. President, Firestarter by The Prodigy, and Freestyler by Bomfunk MC's are just some of the 90s classics on this Roshtein's Spotify playlist.     

Listen to ROSHTEIN 80s Playlist on Spotify

Michael Jackson Fan

Roshtein is also known as a Michael Jackson fan so it’s not surprising that his Spotify account has a playlist dedicated solely to the work of this musical genius. The MICHAEL JACKSON - ROSHTEIN song list provides almost 8 hours of superb melodic experience. This is the ultimate King of Pop mix containing everlasting gems such as Beat It, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, and Billie Jean. There are also songs from the period while Michael Jackson was one of the Jackson 5s, the famous pop band that was composed from the members of the Jackson family. 

From 1960s to Present Day

Going over Roshtein’s Spotify list, you’ll notice that it covers several decades of modern musical history. From the 1960s and legendary songs such as Think (Aretha Franklin), What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys), All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix), and Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) to present day hits. The best of Rap and Hip Hop can be found on Roshtein’s HIPPIDIE HOP playlist. The icons of the heavy beats and rhymes spittin’ like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, N.W.A. and Jay-Z are featured with classics such as Mo Money, Mo Problems, California Love, Straight Outta Compton, and Big Poppa

The Beat of Casino Streaming 

Besides chatting to followers and all the gambling action, music has been one of the integral parts of Roshtein’s daily slot spinning episodes on Twitch. Some might say that the playlist Rosh starts his stream with is also revealing the mood he's in even before he steps in front of the cameras. Either way, these tunes have been the soundtrack to his record breaking wins. And,  in those moments when the balance was spiraling down, they made the whole thing a bit more bearable. Through his casino streams, Roshtein has introduced some of the viewers to the very talented musical artists that would otherwise stay off their radars.  

Roshtein’s Spotify account will for sure grow in the future and become richer with new playlists featuring magnificent artists. After all, thanks to streaming services, the music world has never been such a big hub of talent as it is today. So, it’s certain that there will be some amazing songs that would qualify as great soundtracks to Rosh’s casino streaming sessions.

// Richard