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man in black hat and shirt smiling
man in black hat and shirt smiling

New Personal Best on Cash Quest - $1.6 Million Win

Breaking personal record, again! Cash Quest slot delivers like never before!

Roshtein sets another personal record! This time the game in question is Cash Quest, one of the premium Hacksaw Gaming products, and the win is a stunning $1.6 million.

Cash Quest slot was listed as a number 68 in Roshtein’s #723 bonus hunt and while he was opening it, this amazing hit landed. Of course multipliers play the most important role here! 3 spins in and there was $15,000 win but thanks to the 100x multiplier, it turned into $1,500,000. Just like that! In a split of a second, Roshtein went from underwhelming 15x the bet to skyrocketing 1,500x the bet.  

man in black hat smiling because of the slot win

But that was not the end of the bonus round. There were 7 free spins more to go and they managed to bring additional rewards, making the $1,613,550 the end result of this Cash Quest bonus opening. 

Roshtein was in a pretty chill mood when he started with Cash Quest free spins. The bonus opening was coming to an end and the results were good so he took that moment to chat with the viewers. Winning big, not to mention setting a new personal best, was obviously not on his mind at all. So, you can imagine his surprise when the 100x multiplier landed! Rosh kept repeating “Cash Quest! Cash Goddamn Quest!” while smiling from ear to ear.     

man in black hat and black t-shirt wining 1.5 million

Before this hit, the personal best on Cash Quest slot was set at $1,292,300 while the biggest multiplier achieved was 2,584x ($500 bet). The record for the multiplier value has stayed the same since this last win was 1,600x the bet. After landing $1.6 million, Rosh first added points to viewers' accounts, making their trip to The Store more interesting.

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