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roshtein wins 2.5 million win
roshtein wins 2.5 million win

Massive $2.5 Million Win for Roshtein on Big Bass Hold & Spinner Slot!

Roshtein lands skyrocketing 3,589x win on new Pragmatic Play slot!

Pragmatic Play has added a Big Bass Hold & Spinner slot to its Big Bass Bonanza series and Roshtein has already managed to land a massive $2.5 million win on it. Although Big Bass games are usually ranked highly among casino streamers, Big Bass Hold & Spinner will probably take one of the top positions 

roshtein big win on big bass hold and spinner

In the special Hold & Spinner bonus round on a $700 bet size, Rosh collected the crazy amount of Golden Coins and pushed his win up to a skyrocketing 3,589x the bet. However, this is only an inkling of what this slot can produce as its winning potential is a grandiose 10,000x the bet. 

The Hold & Spinner bonus is a Money Collect bonus round which has already been incorporated in some of the previous Pragmatic Play games such as Floating Dragon. Just as before, the bonus game has been adapted to go with the theme of the slot so in this case, reels become waterfalls with the fisherman on the very top of them trying to catch as many the golden coins as possible. 

roshtein winning 2.5 million on big bass hold and spinner

As the reels kept spinning, Rosh kept asking for one more coin which would not only add to the existing prize amount but would also reset the number of spins back to the original 4. This in turn creates more winning opportunities and the chance for pushing bet multipliers up. With the coins falling one after another, Rosh was all giddy with excitement. At the same time, chat was just as excited, sending messages such as “Keep them coming!”, “I was here for it!”, “One more coin!”, and “YEAAAAAH!!!”. 

It was an amazing gaming session and one that will be remembered for a long time! Pragmatic Play once again demonstrated why their slots are among players’ favorites. At the same time Roshtein showed why he is a top casino streamer and why the community gathered around his channel is constantly growing. 

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